How to Take Better Photos of Your Busy Toddler

There’s no person that will better understand just how complicated taking a simple photo can be than the parent of a toddler.

Toddlers are always on the go and while you, of course, don’t want to miss a minute of this adventurous and magical time of their lives, capturing these moments on camera is easier said than done.

If you’re looking to capture better photos of your toddler, here are a few tips that might help:Third Eye Photography-18-03-28

  1. Give them something to sit on.While your toddler may only sit still for a few moments at a time, having them sit on a stool or rocking horse may give you just enough time to capture a photo or two.55591_2018.12.01_POR_TrailheadWinter
  2. Turn it into a game.A quick game of Simon Says is a great way to get your child to pose without making it seem like a chore. By making it fun, there’s a far better chance that you’ll be able to get more shots.
  3. Give them something to hold.Have a few toys or props on hand that you can give to your child to hold while they’re sitting down. This will make for some great candid shots.41298_2018.07.05_POR_Gilchrist
  4. Show them where to look.Get someone they know to do a funny dance or sing a song while standing behind you so that they’re looking towards the camera. Just make sure that the person is level with your camera so that your child isn’t looking up or down._MG_5576
  5. Get them involved.Sometimes it’s easier to get your child to cooperate when they understand what you’re doing. After taking a few shots of your child, show them your screen and how they’re appearing inside the camera. This will certainly pique their interest.

When it comes to photographing toddlers, sometimes all you can do is go with the flow. It’s best to always have your camera ready too as you never know when a beautiful moment might just present itself.

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Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Family Photos

Your furry companions are already a part of your family, so it only makes sense to feature them in as many of your family photos as possible. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement or family photo shoot, dogs really bring something extra special to the shot.

It can, however, be slightly trickier to get your dogs to cooperate long enough for you to get a few good shots, so here are a few tips that will definitely help for future photo sessions:52792_2018.09.22_wed_haughey

  • Tire them out.A tired dog makes for the best photo subject as he won’t be wriggling around and wanting to play. Have some fun with your furry friend an hour before your shoot so that he’ll be more willing to sit still for the camera.41249_2018.07.05_POR_Gilchrist
  • Keep it close to home.The more familiar your dog is with his surroundings, the calmer he will be. When you bring a dog into a new setting, he’ll automatically want to explore, which won’t help when you’re trying to take photos.
  • There’s no perfect shot.While you may see some perfect photos of families and their pets online, those shots are rare. It’s important to embrace imperfection when it comes to taking photos with your pets and to rather enjoy the candid moments that will take place during the shoot.43447_ 2018.07.22_POR_Lodovico
  • Use your time wisely.When it comes to dogs, you never quite know what’s going to happen so if you get a period of calm, use it to take some photos as their next burst of energy might be just around the corner.

Some of your best memories are made with your four-legged friends so take every chance you can get to include them in your family photos.

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A Guide to Choosing and Printing Photos for Your Home


There’s nothing quite like photos to really turn a house into a home. From family portraits to photos from your favorite vacations, printing out your best memories turns your home into an extra special place.

Decided which photos to print for your home and where to place them can be quite a process though, especially when you have a couple hundred to choose from and you’re not an interior designer or a photographer. Here are a few tips to help make choosing photos for your home much more enjoyable and a lot easier.


  • Consider your décor.Whether you’re deciding which photos to print or even where to hang them, take your décor into consideration. A good tip is to look for photos that contain colors that match the décor in specific areas of your house.
  • Get organized.Use folders to help you with the selection process. Place your favorite images into specific folders that are categorized according to prominent colors in the photos, particular themes or even various sections of your home. Place your favorite images into each folder.59541_2019.04.07_POR_Meadows
  • Size and location matter.If you’re going to be placing your prints in an area where they will be visible from the opposite side of the room, opt for bigger prints to help them stand out.
  • Careful of the clutter.To stop a photo wall from looking too cluttered when you’re using frames of different colors and textures, trying printing your photos in black and white.59579_2019.04.07_POR_Meadows
  • Plan before you hang. Before you start knocking nails into your walls, cut out exact replicas of the frames you’re planning to hang or arrange your printed photos on a wall to see what the display will look like before you make the commitment.

If you still feel like you need some help with choosing photos from a specific shoot to print for your home, talk with your photographer.

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7 Tips to Make Your Next Photo Session Your Best One Yet


Whether you’ve booked a family, couple or portrait photo session, every shoot should be a memorable one.

While your photographer will do everything they can to make your photo session as successful as possible, there are a few things that you can do to ensure fantastic results every time too.

Here are 7 tips to help you prepare for your next photo session:52256_2018.09.17_SEN_Elliot

  1. Give your location some real thought.Your backdrop makes all the difference to your photos. What energy and atmosphere will really bring this particular shoot to life? Taking the time to scout out the best possible location will leave you smiling from ear to ear when you see the end results.
  2. Find some inspiration.Do you have a specific vision in mind for your shoot? Head to Pinterest or Google and collect a few images that you can share with your photographer ahead of time.55228_2018.12.01_POR_TrailheadWinter
  3. Grooming matters.While you may not want to spend extra money on a hair stylist or makeup artist, being impeccably groomed can change your photos completely so spend time on your hair and makeup before your shoot, even if you just get a friend to help you out.
  4. Food and sleep are your friends.While this is particularly important when you’re shooting with kids, having a good night’s rest will also ensure you fully enjoy your photo session as an adult too.42929_2018.07.11_POR_KellyHedgepeth
  5. Speaking of food, forget the cheese.Saying cheese right before someone takes your photo will result in a smile that looks forced and unnatural. Relaxed faces and happy memories are all you need to have a natural smile in your next set of photos.
  6. Think about your face first.If you want the best possible results, don’t wear anything that will distract from your face in your photos.40961_2018.07.02_POR_Hatchett
  7. Think real life.When thinking of photo session ideas as a couple or as a family, incorporating your life into your shoot is the easiest way to be original and have fun at the same time. What do you enjoy doing together? Where do you spend time together? These are all aspects that can be used to create a photo session that’s unique to you.

Don’t forget to chat with your photographer about any additional tips and tricks that they think you may find useful before and during your shoot. Now just relax and enjoy.

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Beautiful Photo Ideas for Moms and Dads

54495_ 2018.09.27_ENG_Benson

As parents, the majority of your photos are generally of your kids but when was the last time you had  photos of you and your partner alone?

If you’re looking to add some updated shots to your family photo collection but you’re not sure where to begin, here is a little inspiration for all of the parents out there.

Take a walk together

Getting out in nature and taking a stroll hand in hand makes for some lovely couple shots. You could even have your children by your side or walking ahead of you if you would really like to include them in the shot but still have each other as the focus of the photo.

54846_2018.11.23_POR_SeanGet comfy

Nothing says home and family quite like spending a cozy day on the sofa. Posing and cuddling on the sofa works especially well during the winter months when you can incorporate blankets, books, and fun, fluffy socks.

Head to the beach

There is something about splashing around in the surf and taking a stroll on the beach that makes for the most incredible couple and family photos. You can really get creative if you decide to have your photo session on the beach and it’s a great way to have a family photoshoot with some lovely shots of mom and dad alone too.

52355_2018.09.20_POR_BrillhartGet silly

Having children doesn’t mean that you should forget to have fun together every once in a while too. Try being silly or doing something that makes you feel young at heart. Play in the autumn leaves, laugh together or do something that you haven’t done together in years such as going out for a milkshake and fries.

43620_ 2018.08.01_POR_AndersonShow how far you’ve come

Print out and hold photos of you and your partner before you were parents as a sweet way of showing just how far you’ve come and that you’re even happier and more in love than ever before.

Taking regular photos of you and your parnter throughout the years is a beautiful gift to give your children and your grandchildren so try and make it a regular occurrence.

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Tips for Photographing Very Active Kids


If you’re a parent, you probably understand the concept of never-ending energy better than anyone else. Your kids are always on the go and keeping busy, which is great when you need them to entertain themselves but not always ideal when you it’s time for your professional photo sessions.

If you’re looking to update your photo albums and capture a few new shots of your active children, here are a few ideas to help you out.55690_2018.12.01_POR_TrailheadWinter

  • Head outside.In order to capture a few candid shots of your child, get them outside where they can burn off some of that excess energy. Not only will the outdoors provide you with a great backdrop but once your child is feeling less energetic, you’ll have the chance to capture some beautiful photos of them spending time outside.54596_ 2018.09.23_POR_Noland
  • Turn it into a game. Sometimes the best way to get children to cooperate is to turn the photo session into a game. Let them dance to their favorite music or engage them in a game of I Spy with My Little Eye. Using props is another great way to make it more fun.36703_2018.03_12_POR_Grotheues
  • Do what they love.Does your child love to play outside in the garden? Perhaps dress up and make believe is more their thing? Whatever your child loves to do, embrace it and use it in your next photo session. Chances are they will be far more willing to cooperate if they’re doing something they love.31292_2017.10.15_POR_Brody
  • Let them take photos too. This is a great idea for children that are a little older. Let them take some photos of you or of their siblings and in turn, you get to take some photos of them too. It’s a win-win for all.

When it comes to photographing active kids, sometimes it’s best to just let them be carefree and to go with the flow as this often leads to some of the best and most natural looking shots.

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Fun 1stBirthday Photo Shoot Ideas

Third Eye Photography-18-03-110

We all know how cute a cake smash photoshoot can be for your baby’s first birthday but if you’re looking to do something a little different, there are tons of other great ideas available to you.

Your little one’s first birthday is such a special milestone and with a little planning and inspiration, you can perfectly capture every second of this wonderful day.

Here are a few cake smash alternatives for you to consider as you plan baby’s 1stbirthday:

  • Bring in the ball pit.A small inflatable pool and some colorful plastic balls are all you need for the perfect birthday photoshoot. Not only will this prop bring some lovely colors into the photos but it gives your little one something to interact and have fun with too.Third Eye Photography-18-03-28
  • Blow up some balloons.Balloons have been a part of everyone’s childhood and they also make for a fun and colorful addition to any photoshoot. Decide on a color theme and a setting and add some balloons for a playful morning or afternoon. Place the balloons in the garden, in your little one’s crib or tie them to the back of a unique chair or onto a basket for some great shots.
  • Bubbles!Incorporating bubbles into your photoshoot will give it a natural and playful feel. Place your child in a small tub filled with bubbles or have them sit in the garden while you blow bubbles for them to enjoy and play with.Third Eye Photography-18-03-9
  • It’s all in the outfit.Sometimes all you need for the perfect 1stbirthday photoshoot is a cute outfit. This could mean putting your little girl in a sweet pink tutu or giving your little boy a cute cowboy hat to pose in. You can keep the background simple or create a backdrop to match their outfit.

Whatever you decide to do, have a nice outfit ready for yourself and your partner so that you can jump in a few of the shots and share this special moment with your little one.

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