How to Use Natural Light to Improve Your Photos

There are countless ways that you can take better photos but lighting is a simple concept that can truly make all the difference.

From wedding and engagement photos to family and newborn shoots, using more natural light is one way to take your photos from good to great.

While ambient light is usually created by camera equipment, natural light is generally any light that has been created by the sun.

If you have an upcoming photo shoot that you would like to better plan for, here are some tips for using natural light to take your best photos yet.

  1. Schedule your photos around natural light.Ideally, your photos should be scheduled around natural light instead of hoping that you’ll be able to get the best possible light. The time when the sun is lower in the sky is when you’ll get the best shots.63059 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson
  2. Be on time for your photo session.There is only a very small window for getting the best shots using natural light so if you have scheduled a photo session for sunset, make sure that you’re on time.
  3. If at all possible, always head outdoors.When it comes to shooting family portraits, many people opt to stay at home or head to a studio. But if at all possible, always choose an outdoor location for your photos regardless of the theme. The natural light will give your photos an entirely different look and feel.54439_ 2018.09.27_ENG_Benson
  4. Stay near windows.If you do have to take photos inside, choose areas that have the most windows in order to incorporate as much natural light as possible into your shots.
  5. Use water and trees to your advantage. If your location has a lot of trees or a small body of water, use these backdrops and natural light to your advantage. Take a few photos in front of trees where the light is streaming through the leaves. If there is water, use the sunset and the reflections it creates in the water to give your photos a romantic and intimate touch._MG_8230
  6. Use the shade if you need to. If the only time you can take photos is during a time when the sun is harsher, use shade of trees to soften the light and avoid any squinting.

Your photographer is a pro at working with lighting and will best be able to advise you on the right time to book your shoot as well as give you some great location ideas that will help you take advantage of natural light.

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Family Photos 101: Posing Tips for Large Families

Large families that include of grandparents, moms, dads, children and grandchildren are just the best! There is always a photo to be taken and a moment to be shared.

Now that you’ve finally managed to get your entire family together to update your family photos, how do you get everyone to fit into one picture and how should you pose?

5 Posing tips for large families

Below are a few useful tips that should make your next family photoshoot a little easier:

  1. Create a line up.Start by lining your family up in one or two rows. To make the photo a little more interesting and relaxed, get everyone to either place a hand on their hip, lightly cross their arms or place one hand in their pocket. Remember to place shorter adults and children in the front row.49208_2018.08.31_POR_Campbell
  2. Create a focus point.Always place the main subjects of your photo in the middle, a tip that’s particularly relevant if you will be including grandparents, they should never be on the ends of the photo. If you have a new baby in the family, it’s also best to place them near the middle for the best shot.
  3. Use steps, ledges and chairs.Add some movement to the shot by making use of any stairs, ledges or chairs that you might have around. Positioning your family at different levels using structures or props will add some character to the shot.18381_2015-08-25_por_hughes
  4. Don’t forget the candid shots. If you’ve gotten enough posed shots, start chatting and having a bit of fun in order for your photographer to capture some candid shots of the family. You could even have your family walk towards the camera from afar.39295_2018.06.22_POR_Davenport
  5. Use one camera only.Whether you’ll be taking your family photos yourself or will be using a professional photographer, it’s important to only use one camera to take the shots. If a second person is taking photos over the shoulder of the first, people won’t know where to look, which could ruin the shot.

Hopefully, these tips have better prepared you for your upcoming family photo session. Chat to your photographer if you’re still unsure or would like further advice on other aspects of your session.

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What You Need to Know About Choosing a Backdrop for Your Photo Session

Even though a backdrop is literally in the background of your photos, it still makes a huge difference to how your photos turn out.

So many people are so focused on choosing an outfit, deciding on props, and reviewing hairstyle ideas that they leave their backdrop choices to the last minute.

Choosing a photo backdrop should be an important step in your photo session planning process if you want the best possible shots.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right background for your shoot:

52469_ 2018.09.23_SEN_PotokerYou shouldn’t be competing with your backdrop

You should be the subject of your photos, not your backdrop, so make sure that you’re choosing something that doesn’t draw the eye away from the photo subjects completely. If there is too much going on in your background, it’s the wrong backdrop.

52293_2018.09.17_SEN_ElliotWhat feelings are you trying to evoke?

Before you decide on a backdrop, decide what emotions you want to bring forth through your photos and what story you want to tell. Choosing a backdrop that fits in with the context of your photos will result in better shots.

45594_2018.08.14_ENG_BoydMake sure it works with your outfit

Your backdrop should complement your outfit, not clash with it. This point emphasizes the importance of making backdrop selection an integral part of the entire photo session planning process as you don’t want to end up with a backdrop that creates noisy, unappealing photos.

_MG_5598Consider different angles

A good photo backdrop is versatile. The more photo opportunities that your backdrop offers, the better it is, so keep this in mind when deciding on a background.

Regardless of the photo backdrop that you choose, remember to approach it with an open mind and to keep it simple. Speak to your photographer if you need more ideas as they’ll always have some great suggestions.

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Top Tips for Taking Stellar Family Reunion Photos

Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never by heart.

There’s nothing quite like bringing your family members together after being apart for a lengthy period of time. Family reunions are all about catching up, telling stories, spending quality time together and, of course, the photos.

If you will be hiring a professional photographer to capture your family reunion, here are a few tips to help you get some amazing shots.

  • Prepare everyone in advance.Not everyone is keen on the idea of family photos to begin with, which means they probably won’t appreciate being surprised on the day. Prepare your family members by telling them that there will be a photographer present at the reunion and that they have nothing to worry about. If you have younger children who will be in the photos, a small incentive might make it easier for them to cooperate.14357_2017.17.17_POR_Williams
  • Decide on the type of photos you want to take.Before you start searching for a photographer, have an idea of the type of photos you want to take. Would you prefer formal portraits or do you want a photographer who will simply hang around at a family barbecue to take photos of everyone having fun?
  • Coordinate your outfits.Yes, the idea of coordinating outfits may sound like a daunting one but it doesn’t have to be. There’s no need to get everyone to show up in white t-shirts and blue jeans in order to take great photos but it’s advisable to stick to a certain color theme and to stay away from bold patterns, logos and statement jewelry. Basically, give everyone some general guidelines that are easy to follow.42885_2018.07.11_por_kellyhedgepeth
  • Choose the right location.While you might have the perfect location in mind for your upcoming family reunion, you will need to decide whether it will work for photos too. For example, a busy park might make it difficult for your photographer to get shots without strangers in them so keep your photos in mind when deciding on a location.
  • Be yourselves.Even though you may opt to take several posed photos, the best part about a family reunion photo session is being able to capture everyone being themselves. Have a laugh with your sister, get grandpa to read a story to the little ones or get your daughter to help you in the kitchen. These candid shots make for the best photos.49265_2018.08.31_POR_Campbell
  • Choose the right photographer.Choosing a photographer based on location and price alone is not the right approach. It’s far more important to review their portfolios to ensure that they can take the shots you want.

Deciding to hire a professional photographer for your family reunion will be one of the best investments you can make.

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