Five Tricks to Know About Posing For Your Wedding Photography

Posing for your wedding photography can either sound really exciting or really terrifying. Either way, it is best to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help ensure the best images possible. You have hired a professional who is going to have tips and tricks also, but it never hurts to know a few yourself!


1. Show Off Your Best Side! Everyone has one side of their face or body that they feel shows them in the best light. If you don’t know which side it is, take a long look in the mirror. Make a few poses from both sides of your face and body and you should be able to determine your “best side”. Request to be shot from that side as much as possible.

2015.09.17_BRI_Ramey_DNG-September 16, 2015-192

2. Soft Light is Your Friend! Soft light can be found in a room by a window,  in the shade, as the sun rises or sets (Golden Hour- see my blog about Photo Lingo) or created by a flash bouncing off or shooting through something. Soft light helps eliminate harsh shadows which can exaggerate wrinkles, lines and imperfection (we don’t need that!). If you have the ability to dictate when your photos are shot, or where, opt for late evening or early morning, in the woods or by a window. Window light is perfect for getting ready shots…and most places you are getting ready will have a window.2015.06.19_WED_Lawler-Keen_DNG--352

3. Angles are Everything! Chose the right angle to position yourself in. Your photographer may chose an “unflattering angle” to do something creative but just so you know, a low angle does not make someone look taller as much as it makes someone look larger. Portraits are best shot at eye level or above. Angle your shoulders so that one shoulder is closer to the camera and one is farther away. This will slim your body down. Lift your chin up a little when the camera is above to eliminate the dreaded double chin (anyone can have one of these at the wrong angle!)

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO- 10 (3 of 37)

4. Hand on Hips- Strike A Pose There is Nothing To It! Thats right, the hands-on-the-hips pose that is so often natural to woman actually does work. Extend one leg out, pivot to the side and place the opposite hand on the hip. This creates length in the body and an angle which makes people appear slimmer and longer. At the least, have your hands do something. Hold your bouquet of play with your hair.

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO- 10 (104 of 261)

5. Practice Make Perfect! If you are really worried about how you are going to look in your wedding photographs, practice. Have a friend ( or your finance- he will love this) take some snap shots of different poses. Remember- if your body parts are in close to your body, i.e. your arms or chin, it will exaggerate their size. Keep your shoulders back and down your back, stand up or sit up straight, and try different angles. And smile, this is suppose to be fun!

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