Get Organized with Your Wedding Timeline

Weddings are full of fun and happiness, while the planning can be full of stress and frustration. Most wedding photographers will provide you with a wedding timeline to help plan your day. If yours has not, here is a breakdown of the timeline I use that might help you as you are planning with all your vendors.

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO- 10 (274 of 276)I suggest my clients start with the ceremony because most of the time that has been decided either by the bride and groom or by the venue. Then you can work your way backwards and forwards throughout the day. Download my traditional timeline or my 1st look timeline for your own personal use. (See last week’s blog for more info on traditional vs. 1st look). The timeline can be really helpful for many reasons. 1. It will help you decide how much coverage you will need from your photographer. 2. It will help you schedule your other vendors, especially your hair and makeup artists. 3. Many brides do not know how long each event of the day will take. This gives you an idea of how long I will need the guys for the pre-ceremony guy prep, the girl prep, the family photos etc.

My Traditional Timeline looks something like this:

start time ‐ end time

________-_______ guys prep (30min-1hr)


________-_______ travel to girls prep (allow an extra 15min to transport gear)

________-_______ girls prep (30min-1hr)


________-_______ travel to ceremony (allow an extra 15min to transport gear)

________-_______ ceremony


________-_______ receiving line/exit by rows 30min

________-_______ family pictures 30min

________-_______ travel to creatives (allow an extra 15min to transport gear)

________-_______ creatives-minimum 1 hr


________-_______ travel to reception (allow an extra 15min to transport gear)


________-_______ cocktail hour

________-_______ announcement 30min

________-_______ dinner 1hr

________-_______ toasts 30min

________-_______ cake-cut 15min

________-_______ dances 30min

________-_______ bouquet/garter toss 30min

________________ coverage ends

Of course you may not have all the events listed, in which case you would leave that section blank.

Here is the 1st Look Timeline

start time ‐ end time

________-_______ guys/girls prep (30min-1hr)


________-_______ travel to next location (allow an extra 15min to transport gear)

________-_______ guys/girls prep (30min-1hr)


________-_______ 1st look 30min

________-_______travel to creatives (allow an extra 15min to transport gear)

________-_______creatives-minimum 1.5hrs


________-_______ travel to ceremony (allow an extra 15min to transport gear)

________-_______ ceremony

The rest after the ceremony looks the same as the traditional timeline with the exception of the creative portraits. Please download the attached timeline worksheets for your own use. Feel free to ask questions!

Visit for more wedding photography and info.

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO- 10 (143 of 276)

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