Wedding Photography: 8 Ways to Get the Photos You Want

It’s not easy being a bride searching for vendors with such a vast selection to chose from. Here are some tips to how to get the wedding photos you have always wanted and how to chose the photographer who is right for you~

1. Hire for Style. With endless options, packages and prices out there how do you know which photographer to even start with? Look extensively at their portfolios and try to imagine yourself and your family/friends in those images. There are many different styles out there- traditional, clean, straight-on photos to candid, storytelling, journalistic, to grungy and edgy to light and earthy (and the list continues). Try to decide which style is more fitting to you, this will really help narrow your search. You might think you like a journalistic approach when talking about that style but make sure you like the portfolio of the photographer and can see yourself in his/her photos. Maybe you want a mix and need a photographer who can do a little bit of everything. If you have found a photographer who’s style you love but you cant afford him/her, ask him/her to recommend someone who might have a similar style but is less expensive.


2. Get Engagement Photos or a Portrait Session. Many photographers offer an engagement session or some kind of portraits in the wedding packages. Thank advantage of this. It is a great way to get to know your photographer better and get comfortable in front of the camera. This can be especially good for the groom. If you don’t like the idea of engagement photos get creative. I have brides who chose to schedule a boudoir session  instead of engagement photos. Or a family portrait session with their dog. Ask your photographer what other types of sessions he/she can provide and have some fun!


3. Schedule An After-The-Wedding-Day Session. This is not as important as engagement photos but is a great way to spend more time with your guests on the wedding day and have a fun, more relaxed photo session after the wedding. Try for the next do or even if it is the weekend after the wedding weekend- you will have more time to go to different locations and feel more at ease. Of course it does take some effort- it means getting back in your dress and having your hair/make-up done…but it can mean some great shots otherwise not available on the wedding day.

4. Photo Booth Fun. Add a photo booth for your guests. This can be as simple as a tripod with a camera, a remote and a few lights. Use the tent wall or a wall in the ballroom as the backdrop and get a few silly costume items. This is a great way for your guests to be silly and for you to get shots of everyone. These are fun and add a new dimension to your wedding album.

5. Do Some Research. Don’t go overboard with this but you can find a few poses or images that you really like and ask your photographers to do something similar during your wedding day (try to stay under 5 images). This might be a great shot of the flower girl in the getting ready room or a pose where the grooms hands are creating a heart on the brides back (see images below). Create a Pintrest board to share with your photographer of some of your favorite shots.

2015.09.12_WED_Yerdon_DNG-September 11, 2015-349

6. Streamline the Family Photos. You don’t need photographs of each combination of every family member at the wedding. Just stick with the basics. And let your family members know a head of time that they will be needed for the family photos (usually after the ceremony) so that everyone is where they need to be and things can move quickly. If your photographer has an assistant provide them with a list of your family members and their names so he/she can help organize. Everyone will be happier if this part of the day moves quickly and easily.

7. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. As important as it is to communicate with your photographer and let he/she know all the different images you want it is equally important to be flexible and trust in your photographer’s talent. If it rains and you can’t get the sunny shot in the field of flowers request a shot under some cute umbrellas or take a chance and go dance in the rain for a few minutes. Trust your photographer to produce amazing photos in any situation and to keep you on your timeline.

2015.07.11_WED_Parsons_DNG-July 10, 2015-270

8. Discuss Post-Production. If you love your photographers portfolio chances are your don’t have to have a lengthy discussion about post-production. However, if you love black and white photos or have a zit you would like removed from all your close-ups, ask your photographer to do so. If you like for skin to be soft or you love the edgy look of very contrasty images, communicate that with your photographer so he/she knows how to edit your photos to your liking.


Visit Third Eye Photography for more images and information! See my blog on How To Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day for more tips and tricks to looking stellar.




Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (18 of 28)




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