How to Get the Best ‘Getting Ready’ Photos

Getting ready can be a really special time of the day. It can lend its self to some really amazing moments. Emotions usually run high and there are great opportunities for your photographer to capture the moments between a bride and her mom and bridesmaids as well as the groom and his guys. If you have the time I always recommend at least an hour with my brides and 30 minutes with the guys. Here are some tips to keep in mind to get the most out of this period of the day with your photographer…

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1. Allow Enough Time. This is a great opportunity to get the most out of the details of the wedding day- the dress, jewelry, gifts etc. The more people you have in the room with you the more time it will take for the photographer to capture all the moments. I recommend my bridesmaids to be fully dressed with hair and make-up done by the time I get there. Then everyone looks great while interacting with the bride as she finishes her make-up and puts on her dress.

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2. Consider The Room. This is something that is easily overlooked by brides. The room you get ready in will influence the images produced. The best rooms have ample space, simple decor and great window light. The back of a church tends to be dark and possibly small with a lot of stuff in it. They don’t usually provide a very elegant setting. Better options include a friends or relatives home, a suite at the resort you are being married at or a nice hotel room.


3. Be Prepared. It is best to have your flowers, dress, rings, shoes etc with you in the room you are getting ready in. This way your photographer can come in and start working right away. I have had plenty of couples be unprepared and it wastes the time they are paying me to be shooting because I have to run around finding the rings from the best man who is at the bar, the flowers from the bride’s mom who is in the shower etc.

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4. Timeline. Take the time to discuss the timeline with your photographer before booking your stylists. I always meet with my brides a month or two before the wedding the finalize the timeline of the entire day. And I can’t tell you how many times my brides say “oh wow, I didn’t think of that” or “I am so glad I talked to you because I thought my hair needed to be done only an hour before the ceremony”. If your photographer does not have a timeline worksheet for you you can find one online and fill it out yourself to get a sense of when you need your hair and make-up done. It will help tremendously.

5. Tidiness. Have the place your are getting ready as tidy as possible. This will look the best in your photos. Again, no need to pay a professional photographer to take the time to pick up your pjs on the floor and throw out empty water bottles. Ask a bridesmaid or relative to be in charge of keeping the space neat and clean before the photographer shows up.


6. Have the Fun Stuff. A cute hanger for the dress and champagne will make for even better photos. A fancy hand mirror or the cute shoebox your wedding shoes came will lend themselves to great detail shots. If your gave your bridesmaids robes with their initials on them ask them to bring them with.

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7. Communicate. If you have special ideas or specific shots you want to create talk to your photographer. If you love that Pintrest shot of a flower girl standing in the bride’s dress make sure your flower girl is in the getting ready room and that you have expressed your desire for this image. Keep in mind not everything in Pintrest can be re-created. Some of the best photos on there are photographers capturing a moment, and you can’t re-create a moment. Communicate and be flexible.

2015.09.12_WED_Yerdon_DNG-September 11, 2015-84

8. Have Fun! This is all about you and your soon-to-be husband. Enjoy yourself and relax. Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember that this is a party to celebrate the beginning of your life as a married couple. Have fun!!
Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (55 of 261)

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