Prevent Guests from Ruining your Photos w/ “Unplugged Weddings”

Anyone who has been to a wedding recently knows that everyone has a phone with a camera or a camera that fits in their pocket. And we  have been guilty of pulling the camera or phone out to take snapshots of the bride, the ceremony and maybe even standing over the professional photographer’s shoulder during the creative portraits. Not to say that guests shouldn’t be allowed to take ANY photos during the wedding, but in this day when everyone has a phone/camera, it is more likely someone is going to get in the way of the photographer you are paying to capture the day.

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I have noticed that many of my brides and grooms are opting for an “Unplugged Wedding”. Most of the time, they are requesting that guests do not use their cellular devices and point-and-shoot cameras during their ceremony and creative portraits. If you are spending a few thousand dollars on a professional to capture the moments and essence of your wedding day, you don’t want your sister’s cousin’s daughter standing in the middle of the aisle during the first kiss, right in the way of your professional!

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An easy way to request guests to be aware of this issue is to have your officiant mention it before the ceremony begins. Something like:

Welcome, friends and family! Good evening everyone. Please be seated. Dan and Jennifer invite you to be truly present at this special time. Please, turn off your cell phones and put down your cameras. The photographer will capture how this moment looks — I encourage you all to capture how it feels with your hearts, without the distraction of technology. If Dan can do it, then so can you.

Not bad right? Another good reason for an unplugged wedding or at least an unplugged ceremony is to keep other people from popping a flash at the exact moment the professional takes a photo. That beautiful moment with the natural light spilling on the bride, as her father gives her a kiss before they begin to walk down the aisle is now completely blown out with white ghosts because a flash went off in their faces while your professional photographer is trying to capture that beautiful moment.


2015.06.19_WED_Lawler-Keen_DNG-June 26, 2015-305The reception is where I think it is more difficult to to ask guests not to use their phones and cameras. And most of the time it works out fine for everyone. Stepping right in the way often happens during a reception, especially during the cake cutting and first dance. If you really are interested in letting your professional be the only one to capture the day, go for the full monty and have an unplugged wedding. But, if you think that would be too much to ask your guests, an unplugged ceremony can do wonders!

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For more about unplugged weddings visit Corey Ann’s blog

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