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Flowers Flowers Flowers

There are so many options when it comes to flowers. Simple, white, colorful, bountiful. How to mix different flowers, how to place them on a cake, what the bridesmaid’s bouquets should look like in comparison to the bride. The options are really endless. Here are some of the best I saw last wedding season. Hopefully it will inspire you!

12444_2015-06-19_wed_vader14235_2016-06-09_wed_wise15199_2015-07-30_wed_kelley15001_2015-07-30_wed_kelley2015.06.19_WED_Lawler-Keen_DNG-June 26, 2015-1202015.06.19_WED_Lawler-Keen_DNG-June 26, 2015-3843334_tep_2015.07.18_wed_pickering2015.07.11_WED_Parsons_DNG-July 10, 2015-62015.06.19_WED_Lawler-Keen_DNG-June 26, 2015-14


Third Eye Photography based in Crested Butte CO

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