Top 10 Wedding Mistakes with Your Photographer

Oh isn’t it easy to make mistakes…we all do it! Here are some things to try NOT to do to your wedding photographer…

1. Waiting Too Long To Book. If you have found someone who’s portfolio you love and who is in your budget, don’t delay! Photographers, especially the really good ones, can book up to a year in advance and maybe more. This is true especially for the most popular dates of the year including the Saturday of Labor Day weekend or New Years Eve. Most photographers require a deposit to hold the date so you don’t have to worry about coming up with enough money to pay off the entire package right away. And some photographers might even offer a payment plan, just ask!


2. Not Hiring a Professional. I know I am bias when it comes to this topic but its kinda true…professionals know what they are doing. And this is one of the most important days of your lives! And trust me, when time continues to tick away your life and the memories start to fade (and they will) your photography is all you will have left (well that and your husband hopefully). Friends and family members are great for taking the fun reception photos after the professional has left, but don’t put that kind of pressure on someone who does not have the experience. And don’t risk getting photos you are not happy with. Make sure your photographer has a background in the field of photography and plenty of years of experience. You will pay anywhere between $2000-$10,000 for a professional, but it will be worth it, promise!

3. Not Finalizing Your Wedding Timeline. The timeline is one of the most important things to finalize before your wedding day. Talk to your photographer about how the day is going to go…most likely your photographer will bring to light some points you may have not thought of. This will help you organize your other vendors too- such as your stylists. Your photographer might have some ideas about the best times of the day to schedule your creative portraits or even your ceremony if you are flexible.


4. Not Sticking To Your Timeline. This can really throw off the entire day and you might even miss out on some amazing photos because of your tardiness. Try to stay within 5-10 minutes of your scheduled timeline to ensure the best day possible. And you don’t want your guests upset because they had to wait an extra 30 minutes for the ceremony to start or your reception dancing to be cut short because everything started an hour later then expected.

5. Letting the Guests Get in the Way. You are paying a professional photographer to capture the best photos of the day- and all the moments in between. The last thing you want is your uncle standing up in front of your photographer during the first kiss and ruing the shot! Encourage your guests to be mindful of the professionals working or even go as far as to have an Unplugged Wedding (see my blog about unplugged weddings).


6. Not Smiling. Tell your bridesmaids and groomsmen to look up and smile when they are walking down the aisle. (You may even want to remind your finance too…and your dad). Most photographers will remind the wedding party as well but it never hurts to remind everyone more then once. No one wants photos of everyone looking down at their feet!

7. Forgetting the Details. Don’t forget to tell your photographer if you have some special details that are part of the wedding. For example maybe your aunt made all the party favors or you are wearing a piece of your grandpa’s hankie. The details will help tie the day together and are important to have images of incase you forget about them in the years to come.


8. Skipping the Engagement Session. You don’t have to schedule a traditional engagement session- get creative and do something different. If you are getting married in the summer maybe schedule a photo session of you and your finance skiing. But either way, this is a great opportunity to begin to get to know your photographer better and to feel at ease in front of the camera.

9. Asking for Too Many Family Photos. No one wants to stand around for 2 hours taking family photos. And there is no need to hire a professional to take 2 hours of them either! Stick with the basics- bride & mom, bride & dad, bride, groom and & parents (from both sides), groom & mom, groom & dad, both families together and maybe one big shot with extended family members. That is all you will want in your album and this frees your photographer up to get great candid shots of family members during the reception.


10. Trying to Pose. A professional photographer will help pose you and will make you look your best. Trust who you have hired, they are the one seeing through the lens. Just relax and be natural. Some of my favorite shots are when the bride and groom are just goofing around with each other thinking that I am not paying attention.

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