Some of the Best Places to Have a Wedding in Crested Butte CO- Part 1

There are many beautiful places to get married in Crested Butte CO. The scenery wherever you are never ceases to amaze. You can find a perfect spot among the aspens and mountains anywhere you would like in the National Forest but if you would like something a little more “civilized” I have some recommendations. Each weekly Part of this “Best Places to Have a Wedding in CB” blog will list a location you can have a ceremony and/or reception at- talk about the positives and negatives of these locations and show you real weddings that took place there.

Part One- Crested Butte Mountain Resort 


Crested Butte Mountain Resort is our ski mountain and resort here in Crested Butte CO. It provides amazing, beginner thru expert skiing terrain all winter and is an awesome place to get married on in the summer. With aspens and pines, views for days, chairlift rides for your guests, quaint cabins and fully equipped ballrooms you can really have any kind of wedding you would like here.


There are 8 locations you can get married at on the Crested Butte Mountain. My personal favorite, Uley’s Cabin, sits mid-way up the mountain and has amazing views, a great deck and an intimate newly remodeled cabin. Your guests can enjoy the secluded, panoramic views on the large deck and cozy in-door atmosphere.  You can tent the grassy area to accommodate larger groups or cozy-up indoors for dinner and dancing under a rustic roof.

Libby & Gregg Tent Pano

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO- 10 (27 of 37)
Suits and silk dresses are appropriate for an evening event.

The nearest ceremony site to Uley’s Cabin is the top of Red Lady Lift ceremony site. This site exhibits beautiful views of our amazing valley. You and your guests can have the excitement of riding the Red Lady chair lift to your wedding site.

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (22 of 28)

Another favorite, and very different location at CBMR is the Butte 66 BBQ Roadhouse Restaurant at the base area. The Butte 66 BBQ Roadhouse is perfect for those casual, relaxed rehearsal dinners and receptions, with large windows and a spacious deck looking out on breathtaking views of Mt. Crested Butte. It can accommodate a ceremony, outdoor-tented reception or indoor dinner and dancing.

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (27 of 382)

Some of the another amazing locations on Mt. Crested Butte include Ten Peaks, Paradise  Ceremony and Reception Site, Painter Boy Site, the ballroom in the Lodge at Mountaineer Square and the Grand Lodge Hotel. These spots are beautiful and each offer something different and unique for all sorts of brides- from the down-to-earth, simple bride to the elegant stiletto-wearing bride. There is something for everyone here.


For me, the best part of getting married at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort (I was married at the top of the Red Lady Lift and had a tented reception at Uley’s Cabin in 2011) was their service. Everyone was so helpful and nice! And I didn’t have to worry about if there were enough glasses or silverware, I just chose my linens and everything was done and set-up for me! I was able to taste the array of dinner and appetizer options along with some of the wine options and pick my favs. My wedding day went without a hitch due to the incredible service of the staff at CBMR. And I know many many other brides have had the same wonderful experience I had. Crested Butte Mountain Resort may be a little on the more expensive side but I get it was worth the cost to have so much done for me and I felt so confident and stress-free knowing everything was being handled.

Do keep in mind we are at 9000 feet here in Crested Butte, higher at some of these locations. Check out my blog about How to Get Married in Crested Butte for tips on what know about when visiting altitude, what your guests can do while they are here and much more!

Look for next week’s blog with more locations in Crested Butte to get married!


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