Part 2: How To Get Married in Crested Butte…Things To Do for Your Guests

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Crested Butte, CO. is tucked away in the mountains, hundreds of miles from a city in any direction. But that does not mean there is a lack of things to do here! We are the mountain biking and wildflower capital with one of the most extreme skiing mountains in the US. Not only is Crested Butte a beautiful place to have a wedding, it is a great place for guests too!

Activities for your Guests

1. Biking. Rent a bike from one of our bike shops and cruise downtown or venture onto one of the trails. This can be a nice, relaxing activity or can be a great workout for the more experienced bikers in the group. There are hundreds of trails ranging in difficulty including a paved recreation path that winds its way up the mountain and through fields of flowers.

2. Hiking. Those hundreds of bike paths also are commonly used to hike on. Get a map from the Chamber of Commerce and hike as short or long as you would like. There are a dozen trails that can be hiked directly from town so no transportation is needed.

3. Wildflower Exploration. Grab a wildflower guide from the Townie Bookstore and enjoy the fields of flowers as you identify them from your guide book. You can explore the alleyways of downtown and see many wildflowers in backyards or take an easy walk down the Woods Walk path. You can also take a chairlift ride up and down the mountain- a perfect place for wildflower viewing.


4. Adventure Park. The Adventure Park at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort has great fun for the whole family! There is a zip-line, a climbing wall, a mini golf course and a bungee trampoline all at the base of the mountain.

5. Rivers. For the adventurous group check out the many rafting opportunities available- the Three Rivers Resort is a great place to start. Your group can also enjoy a day of fishing- you can rent equipment and even hire a guide. The Blue Mesa and Taylor Lake are both amazing spots to enjoy a day by the water or on a boat.


6. The Arts. The art community in Crested Butte is big and full of great activities for guests. Visit the Center for the Arts calendar, the Dance Collective website or the Artists of the West Elks website for information about workshops, events, shows and classes. ArtWalk is the last thursday of the month from 5-8pm. Strolls the streets of downtown and visit the galleries, meet the artists and enjoy an evening to remember.

7. Dining. What kind of tourist town would we be without amazing dining options? We have everything, from sushi to thai, italian to true Colorado cuisine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be found at a variety of places and at a variety of prices. Some of my favorite places include: Lils Bar and Grill for sushi, the Wooden Nickel for steak, the Ginger Cafe for pad thai, Ryce for their sesame chicken, Maxwells for their salmon salad, Pitas in Paradise for  happy hour, the Secret Stash for  pizza and Izzy’s for bagels and breakfast…and we can’t forget dessert! Third Bowl for homemade ice-cream.

8. Shopping. Elk Ave is our main street where most of our downtown shops reside. You won’t find any chains here- this is all true local shopping. We have t-shirt shops, lots of locally-made jewelry stores, clothing boutiques, home decor and furniture stores, memorabilia and knick-knack stores, toys and a whole lot more.

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9. Events. The summer and winter calendars are packed with fun events to participate or just enjoy watching. Some of these include the 4th of July Parade, the harvest celebration of Vinotak in September,  the Mardi Gras celebration in March, The Crested Butte Arts Festival in August, the Wildflower Festival and Fat Tire Bike week in July, the Music Festival all summer long and many more weekend and week-day events.

10. Anything! You can really do anything here. We have the Heritage Museum, tons of sights to see, great people and lots of smiles always! Don’t be afraid to ask a local what to do or how to get somewhere, we are willing to help! Your guests are guaranteed to have a great time!

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