What’s Important When Choosing A Wedding Photographer

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding! One of the most important things is choosing a photographer, and the idea is that this is not super stressful for you. Your photographs are going to last the years, they are going to be what is there to jog your memory with your memories fade. Your wedding photographs are your family heirloom. How to chose the right photographer for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind that hopefully help in your decision making.


1. It’s a Personal Relationship

This most important and probably the most easily overlooked part in your decision is how you get along with your photographer. Make sure to take the time to meet your photographer before making this decision, have a lengthy conversation and make sure both you and your finance feel comfortable around him/her. If you feel your photographer is adding stress or being unpleasant during your wedding it will show in your photographs. Your photographer should feel like a good friend and therefore your images will reflect your ease around your photographer.

2015.09.17_BRI_Ramey_DNG-September 16, 2015-104

2. What is Your Style?

Deciding your style can be difficult, but looking at images from all different weddings will help shape that. Bring examples of what you like to your photographer, especially if you are not sure what your style is. If you know you love more traditional photographs be sure to relate that to your potential photographers before hiring anyone. If you like a journalistic approach, check the potentials photographers portfolio and discuss this style with each of them. Figure out if you are more of a Club at Crested Butte country-club type person or a Crested Butte Mountain Resort rustic, outdoors-type person…what is your wedding style, where are you getting married? That will help shape your photographer choice.

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3. What Level of Expertise Do You Need?

Are you only interested in basic coverage and a CD of images? Or are you looking for a full package including a second shooter, an album and premier prints? Don’t be afraid to express your needs to your photographer and ask if collections can be altered. Remember that creating a high-end album and printing on canvas that is going to span the years takes a lot of time, knowledge and expertise, much of what many high-level photographers posses. If you are someone who typically puts a CD of images in a shoebox or makes inexpensive prints that live in the bottom of your closet, you might want to spend the extra money on a photographer who will offer those services (unless you don’t mind you wedding photos dusty in a closet).


4. Budget

This is the on that gets most brides. It is incredible hard to chose the right photographer based solely on price. Many times price will reflect a level of expertise, service and professionalism, but not always. It is important to keep all of these tips in mind when choosing a photographer, and do not judge someone based only on price. That being sad, it is hard for a photographer to charge a lot and not deliver a lot. Compare photographers and their pricing. Look at what others are charging in other locations. And don’t be afraid to ask questions or even haggle. But remember, being a wedding photographer is more then just snapping a few photos. There are a lot of factors going into a wedding day, including prep-time, managing a large group of people and getting amazing photos.


5. Research Potentials

Research your photographer choices. Ask locals in the area, mostly other vendors or brides. In this electronic day it is easy to google-search your photographers and find out a lot about them. Do they come up often when searching? Are they on other vendors sites and recommended by different locations in the area? Do they have a professional website, blog and social media sites? Do they have client testimonials and if asked can they put you in connect with previous wedding parties? Ask, ask, ask!


There is no single answer on how to find the right photographer for you. Hopefully these tips helped get your started on your journey. This relationship between you and your wedding photographer could be the single most important relationship outside of your fiancé on your wedding day. So don’t cheat yourself, ask questions, research, make a list of your needs and wants, and be honest.

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