A Country Club Wedding Day in the Sweet Sun of Crested Butte CO.

Katy Jane and Patrick grew up around the corner from one another. They went to all the same schools and did a lot of the same things. They knew and liked one another but didn’t know each other well, so kept living lives in parallel all through college. After college, Katy Jane moved to Washington, DC and Patrick moved to Houston, TX,  both in pursuit of their professional ambitions.  While they were living in different states (after spending so many years so close together), they started to grow closer as his trips to DC made for really fun weekends and new ways of knowing each other. They started dating after Katy Jane moved back to Dallas and after 2.5 years, they were ready to get married.

They chose to be married st the country Club in Crested Butte, a very special place to Katy Jane all of her life. “In the mountains I feel only peace and the pureness of God and love of family” Katy Jane noted.

Their wedding was held on a beautiful sunny day in October. Although the wind was strong their love was stronger and they celebrate their marriage under the sun in front of friends and family.

Just the guys- groom and his groomsmen
The first kiss at the ceremony
Waling down the aisle as a newly married couple
Posing in front of the Rocky Mountains of Crested Butte
A kiss in as the Sunday begins to set over their wedding day
Groom and his bride’s first dance
Bride and her fathers first dance

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