Posing Tips With Just One Child

Planning the perfect family portrait can seem to be more stressful than it should be. From what to wear to how to pose there is more thought and planning that goes into a family portrait so your images turn out beautiful and memorable. When you have a child not only do you have to worry about what you look like in front of the camera but also what your little one is doing as well. Finding the perfect pose with one child doesn’t have to be complex or stressful. Instead refer to the suggestions below to capture your child’s joy, excitement, and your family’s personality.


  1. Holding

Whether it’s a baby or a toddler there are plenty of ways you can hold a child to get the perfect portrait. Holding your child can make it easier to direct them where to look and can keep them more still for the photos. Consider having one parent holding the child while the other kisses them on the cheek or forehead. Or have both parents hold the child between them.


  1. Swinging

Toddlers love it when someone is swinging them around and this can be ideal for getting a genuine smile or laugh. Each parent can take hold of the toddler’s hand and swing them between them.


  1. Parents in the background

Let your child take the spotlight in some of the images. If they can sit on their own, have them in front of the parents who look adoringly at their little one in the background. Keep the child in the foreground in focus while the parents are just out of focus in the background.


  1. Walking together

While you can certainly do the traditional sitting poses with one child there are plenty of sweet moments to be captured by just going for a walk together. Having the child in between both parents hand in hand walking down a tree-lined path or on the beach as the waves hit your feet can be the perfect setting for a family portrait. If the child is too young to walk consider pulling them in a wagon as parents walk with their arms around one another.

54596_ 2018.09.23_POR_Noland

  1. Having fun

When it comes to taking images that involve kids, whether it is just one child or multiple children make it fun. You want to capture the true happiness of the family so play around in the fall leaves or kick your feet in the water. When you have more fun during your shoot you will capture the most memorable poses that won’t need any direction.

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