Unique Photo Ideas for the Unconventional Family

Having a great portrait of your family is a must-have in every home but there are no rules that say you all need to be in white t-shirts and blue jeans while you pose in a straight line. Your family portrait can be anything you want it to be and should represent your family’s unique energy.

If you’re looking for a few alternative ideas for your next family photoshoot, here is the inspiration you’ve been searching for:

A portrait within a portrait

Instead of having one photo of every family member together, why not incorporate three or four portraits into one? For example, get a fun shot of dad holding a portrait of mom, who is holding a portrait of their daughter. This fun effect will give you something really different to hang in your home.


Embrace Family Time

There’s nothing better than cuddling and laughing in bed or on the couch with your kids or sharing a meal with your family at a beautifully set table. Getting a few shots of your family spending quality time together can make for a beautiful, yet different type of family portrait.

Make use of water

For something really different, consider capturing your family portrait in the reflection of a puddle or body of water instead of taking a conventional group shot.

Replicate a famous photo

Create a unique family portrait by replicating a famous photo such as that of The Beatles crossing the street. Pick something fun and simple if you aren’t looking to spend money on extra outfits or props.


Take action

Action shots sometimes make for the best family photos. Have access to a pool in your backyard? Why not get a shot of everyone jumping into the pool. Other options could be you and your family spending time at the fair or the beach.

Show your superpowers

Does your family love to play dress up? Why not hire a few superhero costumes that you can use to create an epic family portrait.

Spend time brainstorming ideas with your family as you never know what fun photoshoot ideas might crop up.

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