Wilson Wedding June 15th

Stacey and Zach Wilson were married at Harmel Ranch in Almont CO June 15th 2019. It was a beautiful day- full of love, happiness and fury friends. The clouds threatened but a drop did not fall until everyone safely inside for dinner. A perfect day with only a few minutes of fear as Stacey and Zach’s car wheels spun on the off-road dirt on their way to their first spot of creative portraits. A moment of panic- would they bride and groom have to abandon their car on the top of a mountain? But alas, a small push from their photographer and the car was free- all dogs and humans were safe and could continue on their photographic journey. The day continued to be perfect, all members making it to the ceremony despite slight detours, the rains stayed away- the love was apparent throughout all the smiles and laughter well into the evening.

Thank you Stacey and Zach for including Third Eye Photography on your special day- it was a wonderful Saturday!

62972 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson62989 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson62994 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63000 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63008 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63028 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63031 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63046 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63059 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63070 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63152 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63179 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63230 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63232 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson63367 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson


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