The Best Ways to Preserve & Display Your Photos

People spend a lot of time planning their family, engagement or newborn photoshoots, but not everyone thinks about what they’re going to do with the photos afterward.

If you’ve just received the images from your professional photo session, you’re probably wondering what you should do with them.

First things first, don’t make the mistake of storing your photos on a digital device and never printing them. Too many people have digital copies of photos and never actually enjoy their memories.

You chose to work with a professional photographer for a reason so take the time to decide how you want to preserve and display your images for all to see.

69278_2019.08.08_POR_ColontrelleTop photo preservation and display options

Below are just some of the ways that you can not only display your photos but preserve them too:

Create a custom album

There’s just something about being able to flip through an album that contains your favorite memories.

Today, there are so many great album styles and layouts to choose from that you can truly create an album that speaks to your unique style. Custom albums that have been laid out and printed by a professional look great on a coffee table and will preserve your memories at the same time.

Since the photos are printed on the album pages, there’s also no need to worry about photos falling out or getting lost.

71092_2019.08.23_WED_NelsonSelect various frames

Not only are frames an ideal way to preserve your favorite images but they’re perfect for decorating your home too.

While photo walls have become a popular trend, you can still design a photo wall that’s unique and that fits in with the rest of your home’s décor. Your photographer will also be more than happy to help you select both the frames and the photos for the walls in your house and may even be able to give you a few creative ideas that you may not have considered.

Varying the size and style of the frames is one way to add a creative touch to your home.

Change it up with canvas

Instead of going the more traditional route of albums and frames, why not print your photos on canvas instead?

When printed professionally, canvas can be a unique and beautiful way to display the photos from your professional photography session. Use different canvas sizes to add movement and variation to the walls in your home.

Speak to your photographer about the canvas print options that they offer and which photos would be best suited to this type of display.

69770_2019.08.15_POR_GarrecGet creative with scrapbooks

If you’re a big fan of printing your photos and you have a creative streak, a scrapbook is a fun way to display and preserve your photos.

If you do decide to go this route, be careful to choose the right type of paper, accessories, and glue as acidic glue can end up damaging your photos in the long run. Be sure to stay away from permanent adhesives if you think you may want to remove certain photos later on.

With so many creative ways to display your photos, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be printing them.


Why Your Photographer Won’t Give You All Your Images

It’s not uncommon for customers to request all of their photos from their photographer after their session but when a photographer refuses, it can leave clients feeling confused and sometimes even frustrated.

So why won’t your photographer give you all of your images after your session?

70631_2019.08.23_WED_LuzadderWhat you’re entitled to

It’s important to remember that you are paying for an end product and don’t really have a right to the work in progress. Think of it in terms of a painting. Would you demand all the sketches and research that went into the finished painting? Probably not. But asking your photographer for every image that was taken is basically the same thing.

69734_2019.08.15_POR_GarrecUnderstanding your photo session

Even if your photographer has decades of experience, not every photo is going to be perfect, which is why so many photos are taken to begin with.

In some photos your eyes may be closed or the wind may be blowing your hair across your face. Your photographer takes hundreds of photos in order to pick a few that look the best. Even then, the best photos will be processed so that clients receive the most flattering images possible.

Your photographer puts a lot of time into the selection and editing process in order to produce exceptional results so asking for all of the raw images only makes this entire process a complete waste of time.

Plus, seeing the raw photos from your session could leave you feeling disheartened when you don’t see the results you were expecting. There is a reason why the selection and editing process is done by professionals – they want to see their clients happy with the results.

69155_2019.08.08_POR_IhnsTrust your photographer

Ask yourself why you want to see all of your photos? Are you worried that your photographer may have missed a great shot?

Remember that your photographer does this for a living and has carefully sifted through all of your photos to ensure that you only receive the best shots. Plus, choosing the best shots also impacts their reputation and portfolio so there’s really no reason for them to skimp on this process.

Your photographer truly does have your best interests at heart so trust in the process and their abilities.

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9 Summer Memories to Capture with Your Children

The key moments that every parent should capture with their children this Summer.

The warm summer months are the perfect time to take a vacation with your family and just spend more time outdoors in general. From barbeques and catching fireflies to eating ice creams on the beach, there is nothing quite like summer.

If you want to use the summertime to create and capture new memories with your children, here are a few moments that make for amazing photos.


9 Summer moments you don’t want to miss

  1. Days at the pool. Whether you’re heading out to your local, public pool or you will be taking a swim in your own backyard, days at the pool make for great photos. Think swimming goggles, bright swimsuits, and colorful pool toys.
  2. Hit the road. Summer is the perfect excuse to take that road trip you’ve been talking about and is a great time to capture some fun photos with your kids. Excitement, adventure, and sunglasses are the order of the day so keep your camera ready before you hop into the car and while your partner is driving.
  3. Watch the sunset. Not only is sunset the best time of the day to take photos because you can take advantage of the golden hour but it also adds a magical touch to your photos. Whether your kids are playing in the backyard or you’re taking a walk on the beach at sunset, keep your camera ready.69478_2019.08.09_SEN_Livie
  4. Summer evenings. There’s something about the smells, sights, and sounds of summer that automatically make you want to spend more time outdoors. Encourage your kids to sit around a fire, catch fireflies or give them some sparklers to hold while you capture the fun.
  5. We all scream for ice cream. This one is particularly great if you have younger children who really enjoy ice cream. Take your kids out to the beach or ice cream shop to capture them enjoying this cold, delicious treat.
  6. Blowing bubbles.Every child loves bubbles so why not use them in your next round of family photos. If possible, take the photos just after the sun sets for the best light. Capture your kids blowing bubbles or join in on the fun.14901_2017.07.20_POR_DeSabto
  7. Head to the fair. Summer is all about fairs and amusement parks, which also happen to offer some great backdrops for photos of your children. Carousel rides, cotton candy, and hot dogs make for some amazing memories.
  8. Sidewalk art.Get your children to embrace their inner artist by buying some sidewalk chalk that they can use to bring their own creations to life while spending time outside. Opt for sidewalks that are a little darker as it will help the chalk colors stand out more.
  9. Making friends.Chances are your children will be spending time together or with friends during the summer months so why not capture them playing on the grass or eating ice cream together on the porch.

Make the most of the summer months by getting outside and making as many memories as you can.

How Often Should I Update My Family Photos?

Wondering how often you should update your family photos? This is what you need to know.

Busy schedules, family commitments, and lengthy to-do lists mean families don’t always get the time to update their family photos.

71389_2019.08.25_POR_DietrichThe years also seem to be going by faster and faster, which is especially true when you have children. As parents, you don’t want to miss the chance to capture your child’s milestones or how much you’ve changed as a family.

So, how often should you be updating your family photos?

When to update your family photos

Ideally, you should try and take new photos of your family every year. Here’s why:

  • Do it for future generations.While you are taking photos for yourself, you are also making sure that future generations have amazing photos that they can look back on too. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.71400_2019.08.25_POR_Dietrich
  • It’s a chance to make memories. By making a point of updating your family photos on a regular basis, you’re also taking the time to be with your family and make new memories. You never know when your family dynamics could change so capture new memories whenever you can.
  • Professional photos last a lifetime.While we are a society that is constantly snapping photos on our phones and uploading them to social media, investing in professional photos gives you a completely different result. Not only will a professional know how to compose and edit each photo to perfection but these are the best photos to print and add to your family albums too.71420_2019.08.25_POR_Dietrich
  • Document your family’s growth.You never realize how quickly your kids are growing until you look back at photos of them or you run into someone who hasn’t seen you in a while. By updating your family photos on an annual basis, you can really document your family’s growth, creating a beautiful series of photos that you can treasure forever.

Remember, updating your family photos every year doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. Talk with your photographer about the different options available to you.

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How to Prepare for Your Custom Portrait Session

Top tips to help you prepare for your upcoming portrait photography session.

Whether you need a new headshot for your LinkedIn profile, a book cover or your website, a custom portrait session will leave you with impactful and professional images that you can use to promote your personal brand.

If you’ve never been photographed before or you haven’t updated your personal portrait in a few years, you’re probably wondering how best to prepare for your upcoming session.

Tips to help you prepare for your portrait photo session

  1. Black and white isn’t always best. Even though men prefer to come dressed in a black suit and women feel they look thinner when they’re dressed in black and white clothing, this doesn’t always mean it’s the best for photos. Black and white clothing generally make most people look washed out, especially when the photos will be used online. If you really want to look more professional, opt for a blue shirt or suit instead of going the usual black suit/ white shirt route.66895_ 2019.07.25_POR_Lucas
  2. Consider your skin tone.When choosing an outfit for your portrait session, keep your skin tone in mind. If you have a more olive skin tone, choose from colors such as cherry reds, greens, maroons, and blues. If your skin is lighter, lilac, pinks and light blues work well. An added bonus is if you can choose a color that compliments your skin tone and brings out your eyes too.66898_ 2019.07.25_POR_Lucas
  3. Stay away from big and bold accessories.While you may want to wear your favorite chandelier earrings to your portrait photo session, they will only end up taking the focus off your face, which is the whole point of a portrait. The same applies to any jewelry item that is big, bold, and in your face.66953_ 2019.07.25_POR_Lucas
  4. Don’t try a new look just before your shoot. Even though your hair and makeup need to look impeccable for your photo session, it’s best not to try out a new hairstyle or makeup trend just before or on the day of your shoot. If you want to get a haircut or try out a new lipstick, do so at least a week before your shoot to make sure you’re happy with it. In terms of makeup, natural is always better. It’s best not to overdo your makeup for your session.

Overall, remember that your portraits need to showcase your unique personality and style. Relax,smile, and have fun!  If you’re feeling nervous or uncertain, let your photographer guide you.

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The Latest in Family Photography Trends

Thinking about updating your family photos? Here are a few of the latest trends to consider.

Family photography has been reinvented. More and more families are stepping away from traditional studio photography and opting for a more documentary style shoot that will tell their story and reflect their unique style.

Modern family shoots are meant to be relaxed, fun and result in natural looking photos, which is why so many families prefer to choose locations that are familiar to them.

Here are a few family photo trends that we will definitely be seeing more of.

67223_ 2019.07.27_POR_Jones

Keeping it close to home

Families will always feel the most comfortable in their own homes, which is why this has become one of the most popular family photography locations. It’s also important to note that you don’t need to have a fancy house with the latest designer furniture for it to be a good location for your shoot either. If you have a room with a big comfy sofa or one with a nice wall color and lots of windows, this will work perfectly for your shoot. As long as the room isn’t too busy and has as much natural light as possible, there’s no reason to go anywhere else for your family photography session.

Bright lights, big city

Urban settings are another popular family photography trend. Heading into the city for your family photo session means you get to take advantage of a number of amazing backdrops such as brick walls, graffiti, archways and doorways as well as historical monuments. If this type of location appeals to you, opt for casual outfits that will fit in well with an urban scene.

67109_ 2019.07.27_POR_JonesOut in the open

Beautiful, sprawling fields are another setting that has become increasingly popular amongst families. The open spaces, repetitive elements, and natural lighting create the perfect setting for family photos. This particular type of location is especially popular among families with young children as it gives them ample room to play and roam around.

Caught in a moment

Today’s photo sessions are all about capturing people in the moment, and family photoshoots are no different. Candid style photos don’t require you to pose, you simply need to enjoy spending time with your family and your photographer will do the rest. A grandfather reading to his grandchildren, sisters laughing together or a family walking hand in hand all make for amazing candid images.

66981_ 2019.07.26_POR_MAtthewsKeeping it casual

Gone are the days of coordinated outfits; modern families are slowly moving away from formal outfits and keeping things stylish and casual instead. Wearing jeans to a family photo shoot doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t look polished though. There are ways to dress up your favorite pair of jeans for the perfect family photos. Keep your location in mind and stick to some sort of color theme in order to make your photos looks more cohesive.

Overall, the more fun and spontaneous your family photo shoot is, the better!

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How to Use Natural Light to Improve Your Photos

There are countless ways that you can take better photos but lighting is a simple concept that can truly make all the difference.

From wedding and engagement photos to family and newborn shoots, using more natural light is one way to take your photos from good to great.

While ambient light is usually created by camera equipment, natural light is generally any light that has been created by the sun.

If you have an upcoming photo shoot that you would like to better plan for, here are some tips for using natural light to take your best photos yet.

  1. Schedule your photos around natural light.Ideally, your photos should be scheduled around natural light instead of hoping that you’ll be able to get the best possible light. The time when the sun is lower in the sky is when you’ll get the best shots.63059 2019.06.15_WED_Wilson
  2. Be on time for your photo session.There is only a very small window for getting the best shots using natural light so if you have scheduled a photo session for sunset, make sure that you’re on time.
  3. If at all possible, always head outdoors.When it comes to shooting family portraits, many people opt to stay at home or head to a studio. But if at all possible, always choose an outdoor location for your photos regardless of the theme. The natural light will give your photos an entirely different look and feel.54439_ 2018.09.27_ENG_Benson
  4. Stay near windows.If you do have to take photos inside, choose areas that have the most windows in order to incorporate as much natural light as possible into your shots.
  5. Use water and trees to your advantage. If your location has a lot of trees or a small body of water, use these backdrops and natural light to your advantage. Take a few photos in front of trees where the light is streaming through the leaves. If there is water, use the sunset and the reflections it creates in the water to give your photos a romantic and intimate touch._MG_8230
  6. Use the shade if you need to. If the only time you can take photos is during a time when the sun is harsher, use shade of trees to soften the light and avoid any squinting.

Your photographer is a pro at working with lighting and will best be able to advise you on the right time to book your shoot as well as give you some great location ideas that will help you take advantage of natural light.

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