Beautiful Photo Ideas for Moms and Dads

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As parents, the majority of your photos are generally of your kids but when was the last time you had  photos of you and your partner alone?

If you’re looking to add some updated shots to your family photo collection but you’re not sure where to begin, here is a little inspiration for all of the parents out there.

Take a walk together

Getting out in nature and taking a stroll hand in hand makes for some lovely couple shots. You could even have your children by your side or walking ahead of you if you would really like to include them in the shot but still have each other as the focus of the photo.

54846_2018.11.23_POR_SeanGet comfy

Nothing says home and family quite like spending a cozy day on the sofa. Posing and cuddling on the sofa works especially well during the winter months when you can incorporate blankets, books, and fun, fluffy socks.

Head to the beach

There is something about splashing around in the surf and taking a stroll on the beach that makes for the most incredible couple and family photos. You can really get creative if you decide to have your photo session on the beach and it’s a great way to have a family photoshoot with some lovely shots of mom and dad alone too.

52355_2018.09.20_POR_BrillhartGet silly

Having children doesn’t mean that you should forget to have fun together every once in a while too. Try being silly or doing something that makes you feel young at heart. Play in the autumn leaves, laugh together or do something that you haven’t done together in years such as going out for a milkshake and fries.

43620_ 2018.08.01_POR_AndersonShow how far you’ve come

Print out and hold photos of you and your partner before you were parents as a sweet way of showing just how far you’ve come and that you’re even happier and more in love than ever before.

Taking regular photos of you and your parnter throughout the years is a beautiful gift to give your children and your grandchildren so try and make it a regular occurrence.

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Fun 1stBirthday Photo Shoot Ideas

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We all know how cute a cake smash photoshoot can be for your baby’s first birthday but if you’re looking to do something a little different, there are tons of other great ideas available to you.

Your little one’s first birthday is such a special milestone and with a little planning and inspiration, you can perfectly capture every second of this wonderful day.

Here are a few cake smash alternatives for you to consider as you plan baby’s 1stbirthday:

  • Bring in the ball pit.A small inflatable pool and some colorful plastic balls are all you need for the perfect birthday photoshoot. Not only will this prop bring some lovely colors into the photos but it gives your little one something to interact and have fun with too.Third Eye Photography-18-03-28
  • Blow up some balloons.Balloons have been a part of everyone’s childhood and they also make for a fun and colorful addition to any photoshoot. Decide on a color theme and a setting and add some balloons for a playful morning or afternoon. Place the balloons in the garden, in your little one’s crib or tie them to the back of a unique chair or onto a basket for some great shots.
  • Bubbles!Incorporating bubbles into your photoshoot will give it a natural and playful feel. Place your child in a small tub filled with bubbles or have them sit in the garden while you blow bubbles for them to enjoy and play with.Third Eye Photography-18-03-9
  • It’s all in the outfit.Sometimes all you need for the perfect 1stbirthday photoshoot is a cute outfit. This could mean putting your little girl in a sweet pink tutu or giving your little boy a cute cowboy hat to pose in. You can keep the background simple or create a backdrop to match their outfit.

Whatever you decide to do, have a nice outfit ready for yourself and your partner so that you can jump in a few of the shots and share this special moment with your little one.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Headshot on a Regular Basis

Whether you’re a business owner, blogger or you’re a regular on social media, having a really great headshot is essential. Your headshot is an excellent way to grow your personal brand and it helps your online profiles stand out from the rest.

It can, however, become quite easy to find one great headshot and keep using that same image for years, but it’s always a good idea to update your headshot on a regular basis, here’s why:36179_2018.01.31_glam_walker

  1. Your headshot should always be accurate.When someone comes across your resume or any of your online profiles, they should be seeing exactly what you look like, not what you looked like 10 years ago. Your face changes over time and it’s important for potential customers or employers to be able to recognize you when they meet you.55225_2018.12.01_por_trailheadwinter
  2. Photo styles come and go. The headshot styles that photographers were using 10 – 15 years ago are most likely no longer very flattering so by updating your headshot on a regular basis, you’ll be able to display a photo that’s fresh and modern at all times.56670_ 2019.01.15_por_murfee
  3. It helps maintain your online presence. By continuously updating your headshots online, you’ll be making sure that when someone searches for you, they’ll know exactly what you look like. If you happen to appear in the media quite often, ensuring that you have an updated headshot is even more important as you never know when someone might search for your photo online to use in an article or online feature. As you progress in your career and personal life, your style, interests and experience will change and your headshot should be adjusted to reflect this too.

Not only is a professional headshot the perfect finishing touch to your professional and personal profiles but a flattering headshot will make you feel more confident online too.

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Ideas for Capturing Perfect Pictures with Dad

He reads to you and tucks you into bed, he plays catch with you and makes you laugh until your tummy hurts and he gives you good advice when you need it the most. He is your dad.

Having moments between a father and his children captured is the perfect gift for Father’s Day or any day of the year and is something special that your kids will cherish years from now.

39055_2018.06.04_POR_PurcellBelow are a few ideas for capturing extra special shots between father and child.

  1. Get out on the mini golf course

Nearly every dad loves a good game of golf but miniature golf is an activity that everyone can enjoy and a little friendly competition is always loads of fun. Mini golf is the perfect family outing and the laughter and fun will make for great photos. The golf course will also provide you with a colorful and playful backdrop for all your shots with dad.

  1. Fire up the grill

Summertime is great for being outside so lighting up the grill for Father’s Day is always a great idea. Give dad a break by getting the family to take over the grill for the day. Setup a nice table in the garden or on the deck and enjoy the day together. Good food, laughter and the sunshine will create some truly memorable photos.

  1. Set out for a hike

Warm weather is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy a relaxing hike with dad. If he’s a big fan of the outdoors, you could even plan a weekend camping trip in a beautiful forest or near a lake, the perfect backdrop for a few photos with dad.

55339_2018.12.01_POR_TrailheadWinterA father plays such an important role in the lives of his children and being able to look back at moments with your dad is truly something special.

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A Brief Guide to Photography Mini Sessions  

Photos last a lifetime and having professional photos taken doesn’t always need to require you to take an entire day out of your schedule, something that can be especially challenging when you have children or need to get your family together. Mini sessions are the simple solution for people who are strapped for time but enjoy making memories with loved ones. Below are just a few types of mini sessions that you may be able book with your photographer at specific times during the year.


Family Sessions

If you haven’t taken some proper photos with your family in a while, a mini session is an ideal way to update your family album. Getting your family together can sometimes be a challenge but mini sessions don’t require people to take a lot of time out of their day, making them more appealing.


Seasonal Sessions

Getting outside and using nature as a backdrop makes for some of the best shots, which is why seasonal sessions are so popular. Whether you’re a couple that just got engaged, a family with kids or you have a baby on the way, a mini session that incorporates one of the seasons is a wonderful way to capture some special memories.


Portrait Sessions

A portrait mini session is ideal for someone who wants a few professional shots of themselves. They’re also great for couples, friends or any two family members, such as a mom and baby, who want a few photos together. Portrait sessions are also quite popular amongst engaged couples who want a few photos of this special time in their lives and that can also be used for their invites or save the dates. If your child is still in school and will be graduating, a portrait mini session will leave you with some great shots of their achievement.


Holiday Sessions

Looking to take a few family shots for use in your next holiday card or as a personalized gift? A holiday mini session is a perfect way to do this. This could be for anything from Mother’s Day to Christmas or Easter.

Keep in mind that mini sessions are only offered during limited times so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and follow us on social media so you don’t miss out whenever these sessions become available.


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How to Make Your Family Photo Session One to Remember


  1. Plan it out.The one thing that every family photo session needs is a plan. What you’re going to wear, where the photo session will take place and how you’d potentially like to pose are all details you should discuss with your photographer ahead of time. It’s important to be flexible though to avoid any frustration on the day of the shoot. Your family’s session should be less about getting the perfect shot and more about enjoying the moment and making new memories together.


  1. Keep it light and fun.People playing, letting go and having a giggle make for some of the best photos so make your family shoot a fun event that will leave everyone feeling happy and content. If you want to change things up a bit, bring along a few props such as glasses, balloons or toys to add that element of fun to your photos. An added bonus is that bringing some props along such as toys can keep your younger family members busy while their siblings are being photographed. You know what makes your family light up so find ways to incorporate those interests into your shoot.


  1. Leave your expectations at the door. The perfect family photo session that you have in your head might not be what plays out on the day of the session, so it’s best to let go of any expectations that you might have. Instead, focus on relaxing and having fun and let your photographer do what they do best.


  1. Everyone has a part to play.In order to make your shoot seem less like a chore and more like a fun family event, get your entire family involved. Ask for everyone’s input when it comes to clothing, locations, props and poses. Give each family member an opportunity to speak and take a vote on the best ideas. When family members, especially children, are able to give their input, they’ll end up being a lot more cooperative on the day of the shoot.

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What to Bring Along to Your Child’s First Photo Session

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If you’ve recently booked a photo shoot with a professional photographer, there are a few things that you might want to consider bringing with you to the shoot.  Some parents might wonder why they should be the ones to bring stuff along. They’re the customer right?

10667_2017.06.26_POR_NolandThe truth is, you’re hiring a photographer to do what they do best, take amazing photos, and there are some things that even the best studios won’t have available to you.

17622_2015-08-18_por_egedyHere are a few things that you should consider bringing along to your child’s photo shoot if you want the best possible photos:

  1. Whether you’re bringing several children along to the photo shoot or you would like to fit in a few shots of you and your spouse alone, you want to keep your child occupied when they aren’t in front of the camera and toys are the best way to do this.
  2. A good book.Is there a specific book that your child simply loves? Bring it along to the session to either read to them while they’re being photographed or to read to a child that isn’t being photographed at that time. Your bedtime routine is so special but you never really get photos of it so this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.
  3. Their favorite stuffed animal.Every child has that one stuffed animal that they take everywhere and even though it might be looking a little worse for wear, that stuffed animal plays a big role in your child’s life. One of the best parts about taking photos is that it captures a specific moment in time and that raggedy old bear is going to make for heartwarming photos years from now.
  4. Additional outfits.If you have a young child in the house, you’ll understand how quickly an outfit can get ruined. The last thing you want to worry about on the day of your photo shoot is whether your child is going to ruin their outfit before or during the shoot, which is why it’s always a great idea to bring an extra change of clothing just in case. It will really help with your nerves too.

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