The Best Ways to Preserve & Display Your Photos

People spend a lot of time planning their family, engagement or newborn photoshoots, but not everyone thinks about what they’re going to do with the photos afterward.

If you’ve just received the images from your professional photo session, you’re probably wondering what you should do with them.

First things first, don’t make the mistake of storing your photos on a digital device and never printing them. Too many people have digital copies of photos and never actually enjoy their memories.

You chose to work with a professional photographer for a reason so take the time to decide how you want to preserve and display your images for all to see.

69278_2019.08.08_POR_ColontrelleTop photo preservation and display options

Below are just some of the ways that you can not only display your photos but preserve them too:

Create a custom album

There’s just something about being able to flip through an album that contains your favorite memories.

Today, there are so many great album styles and layouts to choose from that you can truly create an album that speaks to your unique style. Custom albums that have been laid out and printed by a professional look great on a coffee table and will preserve your memories at the same time.

Since the photos are printed on the album pages, there’s also no need to worry about photos falling out or getting lost.

71092_2019.08.23_WED_NelsonSelect various frames

Not only are frames an ideal way to preserve your favorite images but they’re perfect for decorating your home too.

While photo walls have become a popular trend, you can still design a photo wall that’s unique and that fits in with the rest of your home’s décor. Your photographer will also be more than happy to help you select both the frames and the photos for the walls in your house and may even be able to give you a few creative ideas that you may not have considered.

Varying the size and style of the frames is one way to add a creative touch to your home.

Change it up with canvas

Instead of going the more traditional route of albums and frames, why not print your photos on canvas instead?

When printed professionally, canvas can be a unique and beautiful way to display the photos from your professional photography session. Use different canvas sizes to add movement and variation to the walls in your home.

Speak to your photographer about the canvas print options that they offer and which photos would be best suited to this type of display.

69770_2019.08.15_POR_GarrecGet creative with scrapbooks

If you’re a big fan of printing your photos and you have a creative streak, a scrapbook is a fun way to display and preserve your photos.

If you do decide to go this route, be careful to choose the right type of paper, accessories, and glue as acidic glue can end up damaging your photos in the long run. Be sure to stay away from permanent adhesives if you think you may want to remove certain photos later on.

With so many creative ways to display your photos, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be printing them.


Why Your Photographer Won’t Give You All Your Images

It’s not uncommon for customers to request all of their photos from their photographer after their session but when a photographer refuses, it can leave clients feeling confused and sometimes even frustrated.

So why won’t your photographer give you all of your images after your session?

70631_2019.08.23_WED_LuzadderWhat you’re entitled to

It’s important to remember that you are paying for an end product and don’t really have a right to the work in progress. Think of it in terms of a painting. Would you demand all the sketches and research that went into the finished painting? Probably not. But asking your photographer for every image that was taken is basically the same thing.

69734_2019.08.15_POR_GarrecUnderstanding your photo session

Even if your photographer has decades of experience, not every photo is going to be perfect, which is why so many photos are taken to begin with.

In some photos your eyes may be closed or the wind may be blowing your hair across your face. Your photographer takes hundreds of photos in order to pick a few that look the best. Even then, the best photos will be processed so that clients receive the most flattering images possible.

Your photographer puts a lot of time into the selection and editing process in order to produce exceptional results so asking for all of the raw images only makes this entire process a complete waste of time.

Plus, seeing the raw photos from your session could leave you feeling disheartened when you don’t see the results you were expecting. There is a reason why the selection and editing process is done by professionals – they want to see their clients happy with the results.

69155_2019.08.08_POR_IhnsTrust your photographer

Ask yourself why you want to see all of your photos? Are you worried that your photographer may have missed a great shot?

Remember that your photographer does this for a living and has carefully sifted through all of your photos to ensure that you only receive the best shots. Plus, choosing the best shots also impacts their reputation and portfolio so there’s really no reason for them to skimp on this process.

Your photographer truly does have your best interests at heart so trust in the process and their abilities.

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Why a Photo Session is the Ultimate Gift

Photos: we have them in our homes, on our phones, in albums, on our computers, they’re everywhere.

Photos remind us of life’s most precious people and memories As we move through life, we get to add new moments to our collections.

cropped-53006_2018-09-22_wed_haughey-1.jpgSometimes though, it makes a world of difference to have a professional photographer present for the really big moments in life, including weddings, christenings, milestone birthdays and engagements. Giving the gift of photography is one that won’t soon be forgotten.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a parent, newly engaged couple or friend in your life, here are some reaons why you should gift them a professional photo session instead of the usual gift.

49864_ 2018.09.02_WED_MikesellPhotography is a gift that lasts a lifetime

How many times have you received a gift that you pretended to like, only to end up storing it in the back of a cupboard a month later? Gadgets, clothing, and accessories all go out of style or become null and void, but professional photos last a lifetime and are something that the recipient can treasure for years to come.

38782_2018.04.26_DAN_WynesPhotography is personal

Gifting someone with a professional photo session is personal and unique. Since it’s far more thoughtful than guessing what someone would like to receive, it’s a gift that truly comes from a place of love.

2997_tep_2015.07.17_mat_krishanPhotography is an experience

Experiencing something instead of adding something to a growing pile of possessions is far more worthwhile, exciting and meaningful. A photo session gives your loved one a brand new experience that will leave them with lasting memories that they can proudly display around their home or office.

When looking for the right photo session for your loved one, keep an eye out for any specials photographers in your area might be offering. Who knows, you may even find yourself booking a photo session for yourself at the same time.

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Snow, Skiing and Marriage

A wedding to remember! Winter weddings are some of my favorite weddings because we get to photograph in such a completely different way! And this wedding was extra special with a skiing/ snowboarding bride and groom, wedding party and ski-in ceremony at Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s Uley’s Cabin in the early evening of March 24th 2018. The day before we had the most accumulation of snow we have had all year- but Saturday was sunny and warm like a true spring day in CB! Everything seemed to go without a hitch- the groom was even able to get a few runs in before the events began! Despite some beginner skiers in the wedding party and everyone dressed to the 9s, the skiing down to Uley’s Cabin was fun and easy (Sydney even laughed at herself when she took a small stumble in her dress). Thanks to the hard work of Jamie and her crew rom Belleview Events Uley’s Cabin looked amazing and was well prepped with hot drinks and a warm ambience for their guests. Family and friends danced into the night, celebrating not only Sydney and Garret but a 89th birthday of Grandpa’s! Thank you Sydney and Garret for including us in your fabulous day! Your full gallery of images is on it’s way, but please enjoy this sneak peak from your friends at Third Eye Photography!37006_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37007_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37008_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37009_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37010_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37011_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37012_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37013_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37014_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37015_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37016_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37017_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37018_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37019_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37020_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37021_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37022_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37023_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37024_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37025_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37026_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37027_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37028_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel37029_2018.03.24_WED_Hommel

A Beautifully Rainy Day Wedding in the Rocky Mountains of Crested Butte

Brandon and Melissa met online through a dating website—very whimsical and classic, right? After hours of getting to know one another over the phone and deciding they did not hate each other, their first date took place on May 17th, 2015, at Simply Fondue in Dallas, TX. Melissa recalls, “he was so sweet but wouldn’t look me in the eye,” to which Brandon remarks, “I was nervous!” The following months would involve road tripping across the country, tasting German beers; attending numerous concerts (second date: Ministry); meeting each other’s family, including Brandon’s daughter, Kaley; and falling in love.

On October 30th, 2016, late in the morning, in Las Vegas, Brandon asked Melissa to marry him. She was stupefied at first, saying, “yes” and, “do you have a ring?” Melissa attests she had no knowledge of the proposal, despite Brandon’s asking her whole family for her hand in marriage. Success!

Brandon and Melissa feel most at home in Colorado, where Brandon enjoys snowboarding in the winter and downhill biking in the summer; Melissa enjoys photographing the scenic landscape year-round. It is this love for Colorado that created a “no duh” attitude toward hosting the couple’s wedding in Crested Butte, where Melissa’s family has a home.

15756_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15772_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15779_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15798_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15841_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15853_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15860_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15895_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15911_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15922_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15953_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys15982_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16041_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16052_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16151_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16152_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16178_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16193_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16202_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16206_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16264_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16311_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys16411_ 2017.07.29_WED_Humphreys

Second Photographer: Elizabeth Wigginton Third Eye Photography

Cake/Bakery: Wildflower Sweets

Catering: Crested Butte Personal Chefs

Hair/Make-Up: Maitee Miles

Florist: From The Ground Up Flowers

Reception Music: Rockslide

Ceremony Music: Emily Ondracek-Peterson

Transportation: Alpine Express


Rentals: Crested Butte Events and Tents

Videographer: Aflatis Films

Wedding Planner: DFW Events, Mary-Frances Hurt


A Wedding of True Love on Crested Butte Mountain, CO.

Julie and Ryan were married on the first of September 2017 on Crested Butte Mountain. It was a crisp, warm fall day and the love between these two was as big as the sun. The mountains of the Rockies were the perfect backdrop to their ceremony at Uley’s Cabin. ryan, from Denver and Julie, from Chicago meet on Bumble, the “classier Tinder” on Feb. 15th 2015after what Ryan calls “a rather depressing Valentine’s Day” in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Their first date was Feb 20th 2016 and was filled with laughter, good conversations, a few drinks and some live music. It was a kick-off to a true-love that came together in an engagement in the mountains by Salt Lake city on April 9th. With their shared love for Crested Butte they were excited to be married among friends and family in the Rocky Mountains. 24299_2017.09.01_WED_Rabb24306_2017.09.01_WED_Rabb24325_2017.09.01_WED_Rabb24347_2017.09.01_WED_Rabb24371_2017.09.01_WED_Rabb24402_2017.09.01_WED_Rabb24587_2017.09.01_WED_Rabb25084_2017.09.01_WED_Rabb

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Elizabeth Wigginton– Third Eye Photography Lead Photographer

Natalie Vierling– Make-up Artist

Fin + Allyn– Florist

Justin Howard– Reception entertainment DJ

Danielle Riesz– Cake and bakery

Alpine Express– Transportation

Crested Butte Mountain Resort– Location reception and ceremony

Crested Butte Events– Coordination

Leta Maunz- Hair Design

Location Inspiration for Your Child’s Upcoming Photo Session

There are several factors that play an important role when planning a kid’s photo session and the location of your shoot is one of them. Below are a few ideas to help you choose an ideal location for your child’s upcoming photo shoot.

A kiss in as the Sun begins to set over their wedding day
  1. Choose a location that’s special to you. Perhaps you want photos of your children in that place where your husband first proposed to you or even where you got married. Jot down a few locations and that mean something to you and your family.14920_2017.07.20_POR_DeSabto
  2. Decide on the purpose of the photo session. Are you looking to mark a milestone? Or perhaps you’re just looking to get a few updated photos of your children. For example, choosing a beautiful indoor setting with lovely lighting would be ideal for a holiday card but a pretty garden setting would be great for a 1st birthday party.15773_2016-07-27_sen_sandgren
  3. Think lighting. While you might not always be able to have the photo session outside, try and choose a location that offers good natural lighting if possible. Or at least lighting that isn’t too harsh as this will really make a difference to your images.13686_2016-07-15_sen_julia
  4. Give yourself options. It’s always nice to be able to work with a variety of backgrounds when shooting photos of your children, especially if you are planning multiple outfit changes.24347_2017.09.01_WED_Rabb
  5. Keep safety in mind. While taking a photo in a unique location would make for great photos, rather think about the surroundings and whether there is anything that might endanger your child before you arrange your shoot there. Railway tracks are an example of this type of location.27640_2017.09.30_WED_Baily
  6. Look closer to home first. Before you scout for locations in your area, you might actually find that you have the perfect photo spot right in your own back yard.

If you’re still a bit unsure about the best location to choose for your upcoming shoot, chat with your photographer as he/she will know about the best locations in and around your area.

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