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How to Prep for a Photo Session with Your Pet

For many people, pets are furry members of the family. It comes as no surprise that they want to include their pets in their photos. Including your pets in your photo session does require a little extra preparation but it is certainly doable.

Below are a few tips to prepare you for your photo session with your pet.

18374_2015.08.25_por_hughesTo make this work, you will need to get your pet to sit still and behave. Pets can get very excited when new people are around so let your pet become acquainted with your photographer beforehand. Bring treats and toys that your pet enjoys so that you have something to use to grab their attention if necessary.

Keep a leash or harness ready, just in case. Even though your pet might be well trained, it never hurts to be prepared. You may also want to arrange your poses so you can hold onto your pet securely without it looking like you are hanging on for dear life. Your photographer will help you with this.

16913_2015-08-13_wed_burgenerIf you know that your photo session is going to take some time, give your pets the chance to take breaks, walk around and drink water. You won’t be able to force a pet to sit still if they are thirsty or agitated.

As a pet owner you probably know how perceptive your animals are to energy and emotions, so it’s important that you are relaxed when you get to your pet photo session. If you really want to keep your pets relaxed too, try and arrange your photo session in a place where your pet will feel most comfortable such as your garden or a park.

For the best results, try and work with a photographer that has previously worked with animals. This will help make the process of photographing your pets even more enjoyable.

2015.09.17_BRI_Ramey_DNG-September 16, 2015-31

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How to Pick the Perfect Professional Photographer

What you need to consider before you pay that photography deposit.

If you’ve started the search for a photographer then you’ll know just how many options there are. Before you go ahead and book a professional photographer for a shoot though, there are a couple important things to consider.


What style are you looking for?

Photographers have different styles so you need to decide on someone who can help you achieve the end result you are looking for. This applies to everything from wedding and maternity shoots to family and corporate shoots. Ask the photographer for some examples of their latest work to evaluate whether they can cater to your needs.


Research and review.

Before you invest in a professional photographer you need to do your homework. Get online to find a few customer reviews, browse around their website to view their latest work and have a look around their social media pages to find out what others are saying about them. These platforms will also give you a good idea of their personality and style. Some other important points to consider when researching photographers are:

  1. Do their services fall within your price range? Or better yet, are you looking for something custom and high-end or just a shoot-and-burn? Different studios offer different types of experiences, find the one right for you.
  2. Are they experienced enough to give you the results you are looking for?
  3. Are they based in your area and are they willing to travel to a specific location if need be?
  4. Is the quality of their photos good enough? Look at aspects such as sharpness, exposure and saturation.


Create a short list.

Once you have done your research, create a short list of professional photographers that stand out for you. Get in touch with each of them to discuss your needs and to ask any questions that you might have. It’s important that you chat with the photographer over the phone if not in person as this is the best way to get to know them and find out whether you’ll be able to work with them. Feeling uncomfortable or stressed out around your photographer makes for bad photos.


It’s important that you pick a photographer that you have confidence in. Your photos are there to last you a lifetime so while there is nothing wrong with helping out your photographer friend who has just started out, it’s best to choose an experienced photographer for important events and occasions that you can’t relive.

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Beautiful Brides, Amazing Dresses, Be Inspired

Here are some of my beautiful brides and their amazing dresses. We have all different styles here, get inspired! There are even a few short dresses and traditional Hindu dresses!

Thank you to all my lovely clients, I love you all!



Crested Butte Wedding Photography by Crested Butte Wedding Photographer, Rebecca Ofstedahl of Third Eye Photography

Rebecca Ofstedahl from Third Eye Photography is anything but your average Crested Butte wedding photographer. Each wedding is treated with care and creativity unsurpassed by other Crested Butte wedding photography studios. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography in the Crested Butte area.


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Wedding Albums- Should You Invest in One?

In this digital age, all of my brides want a FlashDrive of their images, which I think is great. Please, make as many 4x6s and 5x7s as you would like. But what about an album? So many brides still seem interested in purchasing a wedding album, and as a bride myself just a few short years ago, I can understand why. There is something still beautiful about having and holding something that contains the memories of one of the most special days in your life. I love looking at my wedding album, even three years after the wedding! And so many of my friends and family enjoyed checking it out too. With quality photos created by a professional sometimes the internet and social media postings just don’t do it justice. If you are working with a high-end photographer they will have top-of-the-line products to offer you. I have 3 levels of books I offer my clients, from my big and burly albums to a more economically choice.

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO-  (14 of 15)
BayLeaf Series- My top, end books

My BayLeaf Series comes in a hard-cover box wrapped in photos. The BayLeaf albums have a host of cover options including photo on acrylic, photo on canvas and photo on metal. This series also has fabric options such as leather and suede to be mixed with the photos or used solely to create the perfect tone to your album. These books have thick pages and lay flat with no gutter to show-off our panos from the day. They are really amazing books- solid and sturdy and going to last for a lifetime.

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO-  (13 of 15)
Mix and match leather and fabric options.
Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO-  (12 of 15)
Put an inscription on the cover!

I think of wedding albums as the first family heirloom. It is the start of your family. As great as digital photos are- they make it easy to share with all your friends, and even people you don’t know well, and allow you to make endless prints, there is just nothing like holding an album like from my BayLeaf series and flipping through this gold-gilded pages taking your time to enjoy the memories laid in the pages.

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO-  (11 of 15)
Gold, silver and multi-colored gilding.
Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO-  (7 of 15)
Thick pages that won’t bend or tear.

I find myself looking through my albums much more often then I search through my computer for my digital files and scroll through them. I spend enough time at my computer, I don’t need my “time to enjoy the old-days” time to be in front of it as well. And to me, it is worth spending the extra cash to have something really nice that not only will look great but will last me forever. I find it worth the investment and so do a lot of my clients. And sometimes you can get a discount for the second album for mom and dad- so it’s always worth asking!

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO-  (6 of 15)
No gutter let’s you spread your photos across two pages.
Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO-  (3 of 15)
Different sizes and levels for different budgets

Crested Butte Wedding Photography by Crested Butte’s Photography Studio, Third Eye Photography.

Crested Butte Wedding Photographer and Owner, Rebecca Ofstedahl from Third Eye Photography is anything but your average Crested Butte wedding photographer. Each wedding is treated with care and creativity unsurpassed by other Crested Butte wedding photography studios. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography in the Crested Butte area.


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What to Wear for Engagement Photo Sessions

It is never easy trying to pick out an outfit, or know what to do when you are going to be photographed! Here are a few tips to help you plan your next family portrait or engagement session!

1. Be comfortable! This is most important!! If you, your hubby, finace or kids are uncomfortable they are going to look it in the photos. And don’t fight with kids before the shoot- that just makes them grumpy and it’s not worth it! In the end if everyone is comfortable in what they are wearing they are going to look great, smile and exude happiness.

8140_2015.03.04_eng_joyce2. Stay away from clashing colors and patterns. Simple is best. If there are many people in the shoot have the colors work together- neutrals and earth tones are best. And of course there is nothing like blue-jeans and white tops! Or have most people in earth-tones and just one or two in a pop of color. Boys- do not wear anything with writing on it or logos! If you are going casual, wear a solid t-shirt.

2015.01.18_ENG_Kelley_DNG-January 18, 2016-773. Bring more then one option! Let your photographer help and give yourself variety in your images. Don’t bring anything too complicated or that will take a long time to get into (like a tux or gown). Keep it simple- maybe just change his top and your dress but keep the same shoes and jeans…Most likely something you can change into in a car because you might be cruising from location to location and if you are having your photos in the Rocky Mountains like I usually am there are no bathrooms for miles!


4. Look yourself- but your fancy self. If you usually get pretty done-up before date night do the same for your engagement shoot. If you rarely are caught with make-up on, put on some powder cover-up, a little blush and mascara. even if you don’t usually wear make-up it is best to have a little something on so you don’t look too washed out. You want to look yourself, but the best and most fancy self possible for you.

7892_2015.01.30_eng_vader5. Get your nails done. Most photographers will take a close-up of the ring, so do your nails and put some lotion on your hands. You might even suggest that to your man because his hands might be in that slow-up as well!

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10 Things Every Groom Should Have (Brides Read too!)

Some must haves…

1. One day off a week from wedding talk. Make it a point to take a break every once in awhile and spend some quality, and romantic, time together.

2. Task your can really do. Take the lead on the stuff you are interested in, like music or drinks. you are more likely to actually get stuff done if you are interest in it.

16119_2015-08-02_wed_williams3. A tux or suit you feel great in! A well-fitted outfit can really go a long way in making you look your best on your wedding day, and feel your best! Make sure it fits right. (See Six Steps to Your Perfect Look)

4. A right-hand, best man. Some who is cool enough to throw you a killer bachelor party but who will also be there for you during your times of stress and can keep all the groomsmen inline on the bug day.

9727_2016-06-11_wed_ryan5. Time to relax before the wedding. Take some time to yourself or to do something fun with your groomsmen- golf or gym anyone?

6. A killer toast. Make it funny, sweet and short. Don’t forget to thank your bride, her parents and yours!

562_-2016-09-17_wed_joyce7. Heartfelt vows. Even if you don’t want to say them in front of everyone, write some down to give your bride the morning of (maybe with a nice gift). Ask friends and family to help if your having a hard time expressing yourself.

8. Smooth dance moves. Take a dance class with your sweetie. She will love the extra time together and you can learn a thing to two.

9579_2016-06-11_wed_ryan9. A post-wedding massage. Take some time to yourself and to decompress. A couple’s massage might be a nice treat too.

10. A mini-moon. If you aren’t planning on going on a honeymoon the day or two after the wedding plan something short for just the two of you. It is a great opportunity to swap stories, reminisce and decompress together.

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Six Questions We All Want to Know from Our Wedding Photographer Part 3

Co-written by wedding planner Ciera Freson.

A professional photographer understand light and the time-of-day that is best for imagery.
A professional photographer understand light and the time-of-day that is best for imagery.

Will a photographer help with the day of timeline?

Typically your wedding planner or day of coordinator work with venues and vendors to develop the day of timeline and ensure it is followed. If you do not have a planner or day of coordinator the development of and adherence to a timeline typically falls on the bride, member of the bridal party or family member. Although a photographer may help plan out the appropriate time you will need to capture the images you’d like, you have contracted with the photographer to take photos, not manage the timeline. However, this varies with all photography studios. Third Eye Photography does have timeline worksheets that are addressed multiple times prior to the wedding date. This helps the clients know how many hours they need coverage for as well as helps the photographer know when everything will start and end. If your photographer does not provide you with his/her own timeline worksheet it is important that your share the one you are using with him/her prior to the wedding day.

Remind your groom that this day only happens once and it goes by fast!
Remind your groom that this day only happens once and it goes by fast!

How to convince your fiance pictures are worth the investment.

  1. A majority of couples spend thousands of dollars on their wedding day, so it makes sense to invest in savoring those memories. Once the day has passed, memories fade and all that is left are the images.
  2. A point and shoot camera operated by a family member or friend will not capture the quality images that you will want to hang on your wall or create an album out of.
  3. A professional wedding photographer has the experience and knows what moments not to miss.
  4. A local photographer knows the area, knows the perfect locations and knows where to be when for the perfect lighting.
  5. A professional photographer is able to work with you to create a piece of artwork to savor for a lifetime, if that be high-end photo albums or photos to hang on your wall.
  6. Some say an average of 15-20% of your wedding budget should be spent on your photographer…Rebecca from Third Eye Photography says “no one has ever regretted having these beautiful images to show their children, family and friends.”
Capture your wedding professionally so you can share the memories.
Capture your wedding professionally so you can share the memories.

Wedding-Photography-in-Crested-Butte-RSO- 10 (80 of 261)

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Six Question We All Want to Know from our Wedding Photographer- Part 2

Co-written by wedding planner Ciera Freson.

Why should you consider a second shooter?

Nowadays it is very common for a two photographer team. There are many great benefits to this. Most studios who offer a second shooter do so because the second shooters are trained to help round out the coverage of the day as best as possible. For example, at the Third Eye Photography studio, Rebecca’s second shooters will always be at a different location with a different lens capturing something completely different than Rebecca. As much as she would love to be everywhere at once, she can’t. So she relies on her second shooter to help get her clients the most comprehensible coverage possible. Second shooters also can be assistants helping the lead photographer stay on the timeline and move through  the day with precision and ease.

9773_2016-06-11_wed_ryanWhy should you consider a first look?

The first look is a very popular request for photographers to capture; understandably so, as a bride you have envisioned this moment and the look on your partner’s face since the moment you got engaged. And the captured moments are usually breathtaking. I understand the tradition of waiting until the ceremony to see your partner for the first time as they walk down the aisle. But here are a few things to consider regarding a first look:

  1. A first look gives the couple a few quiet moments away from the whirlwind of the day. It is a great relief to have some time alone with your honey before the craziness of the ceremony and reception. It also helps curb the stress level, especially for grooms.
  2. The first look allows the moment to be captured without having to shoot around people and other obstacles. It can be a very private and intimate moment.
  3. A private first look gives your guests a first look without a photographer in the middle of the aisle.
  4. Instead of taking photos of the couple, bridal party and family during the social hour these images can be captured before the ceremony, allowing you to mingle with your guests during the social hour.
  5. To capture the bride and groom together, bridal party and family photos takes an average of 30-45 minutes. This time eats into your social hour and if photos take longer than anticipated, everyone begins to get stressed. The photographer wants you to relax and enjoy your day, but they are under pressure to capture the expected photos. As people begin to get stressed, it will show in the images.

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (54 of 261)

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (55 of 261)

A first look allows you to go off and take photos at many locations.
A first look allows you to go off and take photos at many locations.

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Six Questions We All Want to Ask Our Wedding Photographer- Part 1

Co-written by wedding planner Ciera Freson. Thanks for the great questions Ciera, I am looking forward to working with you again this summer.

As a bride I found wedding photography shopping the most overwhelming of all items on my to-do list, hands down. I began the search process from scratch three times. Three times. That’s a lot of wasted time. I talk with plenty of brides who are searching for a photographer but just aren’t sure what it is they are ‘shopping’ for. Lucky Penny Event Planning has got you covered; I’ve teamed up with Rebecca Ofstedahl, Owner and Lead Photographer of Third Eye Photography in Crested Butte, Colorado, to give you the inside scoop on the wedding photography world and answer your photography questions.

12444_2015-06-19_wed_vaderWhy are photographers worth the amount they charge, and why are prices so across the board?

Go ahead, ask a photographer why they are worth the amount they charge. They would love to tell you and, they have a lot to tell you.

A small photography studio (one lead shooter) may tell you they charge a higher price because they take on a limited number of clients each year. Many studios, like Third Eye Photography, may only take on 10-15 weddings a year. This allows photographers like Rebecca and her assistants to take the time to create relationships with her clients and give them the attention they deserve.  By creating a relationship with the couple they can relax and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Everyone looks better when they are relaxed.

There is plenty of work that goes on top of just taking photos during the wedding. Another item that adds to the final package cost is photo editing. A photographer takes an average of 2000-3000 photos a wedding. If you have a full-day contract, that’s a lot of photos the lead photographer needs to pick through in order to edit the top images. Rebecca says she spends an average of 6-8 hours editing each full-day wedding she photographs. A question to ask a potential photographer is their turn-around time. Third Eye Photography prides themselves in a 24-hour turnaround so clients can view their images in the studio as soon as 5pm the following day.

Many Collections at Third Eye Photography include high-end albums and digital FlashDrives, providing the clients with the ability to print their own prints for family and friends as well as create their first family heirloom in a beautiful, long-lasting album. Collections may also include a 2-hour Engagement or Portrait session.This allows the clients to have a variety or professional images taken over the course of their engagement year, for example, some client chose to have their engagement photos taken during the winter if their wedding is in the summer. Engagement or portrait sessions are also a great way for bride and grooms  to get to know and feel comfortable with their photographer.

Of course reputation, experience and the number of publications a photographer is credited in plays a role in the price tag. The number of publications does not make a photographer better, however it provides credibility. Photographers who have been working in the wedding industry for several years come with knowledge that is priceless and can not be taught. This includes experience leading up to the big day such as discussions about timeline and locations.  Photographers who are just breaking into the business often charge less because of their documented experience level.

3187_tep_2015.07.18_wed_pickeringWhy do many photographers not list prices on their website?

As you begin looking for wedding photographers, you will notice many do not publish package prices. As a bride I found this frustrating at first. I was wanting to be a stealth ‘shopper’ and see if they were in my price point. I recommend foregoing that line of thinking right off the bat. You’re going to have to reach out to at least a couple of photographers to explore your options. And don’t feel bad about reaching out to multiple photographers; ask if they are available on your date, confirm if they land in your price point and determine if it’s someone you can build a relationship with. However, when you make your photographer selection, the other photographers will appreciate a simple note letting them know you have gone in a different direction.

Photographers want to build a relationship with you and get to know you as they craft a package that is exactly what you are looking for; afterall, you are entrusting them with documenting your important day. The relationship with your photographer is more than just the price of the package. It is important to feel comfortable with your photographer and that means having a phone or in-studio meeting before discussing package prices. If you and your finance don’t get along with your photographer you will not get good images on your wedding day and it may leave you feeling super stressed- and no one wants that!

When shopping for a photographer try to picture yourself in the images they provide in their portfolio. If you look at their images and say ‘I want to be that bride’ then their style is a good fit. Ask to see images from an entire day, maybe even in the locations you have chosen. Then judge their personality and make mental notes of how you feel when talking with them. Once you have found someone who’s portfolio you love and who you get along with well, discuss pricing. And don’t be afraid to negotiate.

17688_2016-08-28_wed_rexroatVisit Third Eye Photography’s portfolio for more images!


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Some of the Best Places to Have a Wedding in Crested Butte CO- Part 2

There are many beautiful places to get married in Crested Butte CO. The scenery wherever you are never ceases to amaze. You can find a perfect spot among the aspens and mountains in the National Forest but if you would like something a little more “civilized” I have some recommendations. Each weekly Part of this “Best Places to Have a Wedding in CB” blog will list a location you can have a ceremony and/or reception at and will talk about the positives and negatives of these locations and show you real weddings that took place there.

Part Two- The Club at Crested Butte

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (362 of 389)

The Club at Crested Butte, our country club and golf course, is only a few miles outside of the town of Crested Butte. With emerald lawns and views of the entire valley, the Club at Crested Butte  is a great choice for a wedding. The Club can accommodate large groups and offer the ease and security of an indoor reception without losing any of the great views and outdoor feel. The Club’s large wrap-around deck and ceremony site on the 10th hole gives guests the benefit of mountainous scenery with the comfort of the indoor dining hall and bar. The Club is the only wedding venue in Crested Butte to offer indoor panoramic views.

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (288 of 389)

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (368 of 389)

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (334 of 389)

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (282 of 389)

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (280 of 389)

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (274 of 389)

There is an amazing aspen grove and a deck behind Mt. Crested Butte by Grant Lake only a golf-cart ride away for your creative and family portraits. Walk the path around Grant Lake, have a glass of champagne on the deck while looking up the backside of Mt. Crested Butte and enjoy the scenery of Paradise Divide.

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (223 of 234)

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (264 of 389)

Besides the great views and indoor ease, the Club chef will create any menu you desire. From BBQ to Italian, traditional Colorado cuisine to middle eastern, your wish is their command. The Club also offers locations for both the bride and bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen to get dressed prior to the ceremony. The Club also offers discounts on golfing and the use of their athletic facilities for the wedding party and families of the bride and groom during the weekend of the wedding. When you book a wedding at the Club you aren’t only planning a special day but, a memorable trip for all of your guests, that’s why we are happy to offer our exclusive amenities to all of your guests during your wedding weekend.

Wedding Photography in Crested Butte-RSO- 10 (257 of 389)

Your wedding planner is readily available to assist you with preffered vendors, decor options, menu planning, ceremony and reception set up and any other detail you might need assistance with. The staff at the Club will help you from beginning to end, no matter what you may need!

Remember, Crested Butte is unique and fun, but we are at almost 9000 feet at the Club and town- check out my blog about the Things to Do in Crested Butte.

The Club at Crested Butte

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